Nov 15, Saskatchewan Hunting, Trapping and Angling celebrates the contributions of hunters, anglers, and trappers around the province. We’d like to remind everyone everyone how to get involved:
🦌 Get your town involved: contact your local mayor and have them officially proclaim Nov 15 as Camo Day.
🦌 Get your school involved: coordinate with your school council to have the Friday before Camo Day (Nov 13) as Camo Day in your school!
🦌Get your business involved: encourage staff to dress up in camo to show your support for outdoor enthusiasts in your area.
🦌 Get yourself involved! Plan to wear camo on Nov 15 and share your photos with us to win some SWF merch
Unsure where to start with contacting your mayor or school? We’d love to help. Send us a message, and make sure to mark your calendars for Nov 15!