Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40pm via ZOOM online.

Minutes: Presented minutes from Online ZOOM meeting September 29, 2020

MOTION by Garry C. to adopt minutes from September 29, 2020 meeting as presented. Seconded by Keith B. Carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Ab E. Carried.



-Dwayne D. spoke about the AFGA Special Resolution that took place on October 15, in which 87.6% voted in favor of the 60% membership fee increase. There was a 75% requirement for this to happen. The branch did receive a level of criticism of how we got to this point. There will be another special meeting taking place in November with voting as well. Dwayne D. has proposed to AFGA on how we can help, and suggested a contingency fund. This suggestion received positive feedback and was widely welcomed by many.


Committee Reports:

Memberships 1649 LDFGA, 847 Outdoor, 307 Indoor. The 2020 membership cut-off is November 25th. New membership books will also be printed with the fee increase.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayNR. Bill A mentioned that hopefully June 2021 this can happen.

Indoor Range Keith B. provided an update in regards to the RSO course and changes. Since the last meeting, he heard back from approx. 10 people that are interested in the RSO course and want to be added to the list. Once the list is together, there will be another meeting on how to proceed and go forward with the course. There will be enough people for 1 class, maybe 2. Keith B. talked about RSO’s opening on 2 scheduled Sundays, and 2 other additional days. Dwayne D. asked Keith B. if there was any negative feedback. Keith B. replied that they have received all positive feedback and everyone liked the ideas being put forward. We will deal with glitches as we go along, and this idea worked for the majority. Dwayne D. mentioned that this is very encouraging to hear. Keith B. talked about how a couple called him both wanting to do the RSO course and be a part of the solution. Keith B. said how he would like to do a big group question and answer in person. Dwayne D. mentioned to Keith B. that in the group Q&A, that he should to provide clarification for the 48 hour notice opening, give availability to utilize the range and intend to let other members know, get more shooting and have the range open more, and promote openness. Dwayne D. said this is a great start and to keep planning this and report back.

Outdoor Range Dwayne D. mentioned that we are still waiting on the contractor to come and installed the 8” culvert, however if the ground stays firm then this will be put off. The hydro seeing is also put off until next year now, however the intent is still there. Garbage’s need to be dumped. Andrew N. asked about the contents in the IPSC shed and where this gets hauled to. Dwayne D. replied that he and Andrew N. will look after this.

Conservation Camp NR

Scholarships-   Bill A. presented the scholarship to Katherine Patton and provided the information to The Source. Bill A. thanked Tawnya L. for helping with the congratulatory letter, certificate for the scholarship, and posting to social media.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie Project / Trout Ponds Dwayne D. gave an update that the West pond has fish in there, him and his son used a canoe and fish finder. It’s noted that watercraft is not allowed on the ponds. East pond by the weigh scales looks to be bigger fish, size 2 and 3 noted. It was talked that maybe we can get a tractor in there to get a path made. Graffiti was found at the MacDougall Pond.

Trophies Ab E. mentioned he has been measuring every other day. He asked what to do with trophies, in which Dwayne D. replied they will still be received but just in a different way this year. No further report.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show Dwayne D., Janelle M., and Mike H. are working on their respective lists and reported back to us. A few vendors said no, a few said maybe, and some are concerned with the 150 people limit. Mike H. will be contacting Wolverine to ask about their intent since they have walk-thru booths. Dwayne D. mentioned he is providing the City of Lloydminster with our platform for the Gun Show and how we will manage with the Covid restrictions. We will need a lot of volunteers, count people, sign in and out, one way entrance, can’t sell raffles, no gun draw, can’t sell memberships, admissions, etc. Carlo M. had an idea to sell a “sticker” online in-lieu of the raffle, therefore it’s not considered a lottery. Mike H. mentioned we could announce the winner via live stream. Masks will most likely be mandatory to attend the show. The 150 people limit is for the event, not just each fieldhouse. After submitting our plan to the City of Lloydminster, we then need to have a discussion with Saskatchewan Health Authority. We will continue to plan this and provide an update at the next meeting to see how/if restrictions have changed.

Archery Club / Youth Center Registration was on the Oct 25th, with approx. 28 kids to be expected. Covid restrictions are in place and this will be managed with alternate lanes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc. Dwayne D. mentioned that the roof is leaking again. An antenna is to be installed as well. Brian S. said the LAA is having a meeting next week and he will report back to us.

Banquet Dwayne D. spoke with Carly again. The COVID restrictions are getting tighter and the indoor gatherings/reception is down to 30 people. As of right now, this cannot be hosted. We will look at the drive-thru option. We will do a meal in the style of “Lloyd Fish and Game”. We have yet to figure out the trophies. We are coming up with plans on how we can proceed with the current restrictions and somehow make this work out.

Fish Fry – NR.


Bills to be Paid:



Old Business:

  1. We had an inquiry about a member purchasing the metal targets. The targets need to be pulled out and sold.
  2. Bishop Lloyd will receive the $1000 grant for the FINS program. Larry to issue a cheque to the Lloyd Public School Division.
  3. The guest passes and format is being developed by Adam. The outdoor and indoor range guest pass can be done online, where the guest pays and a wavier can be signed. The cost is approx. $1000. Dwayne D. asked for comments, and everyone agreed with this and thought it’s a great idea, as long as the liability is looked after and we have a minimum risk. The guest passes for indoor and outdoor will depend on the member’s range privilege. Most were in favor of $20 for the guest pass with a limit of 2 people. We will continue to work on this and report back.
  4. Mike H. spoke about the Outlaw and Rimfire Racegun Event series. The sub-committee had a zoom meeting with Rick, the instructor, on October 8th in which Mike H. discussed the details with us. Timed event, targets involved, national scoreboard, monthly downloads with the course of fire, prizes, and the event happens once a month. There is currently 271 participants. The cost is $30/per person, and the event takes $12/per person for an admin fee. We will plan to start in spring time, and go until Sept or Oct to see how things go. It will take approx. ½ a day with 12 people and 5 stages. There is only 1 person on the firing line, and the other participants have chamber flags. Garry C. asked if this is an open sight or scope, Mike H. replied that a scope is recommended. This is a very safe event with guidelines to be follows. The scores are uploaded to Practise Score and done online. Dwayne D. mentioned that we need to fall within our range requirements and be compliant, that insurance cover this, and range to be certified for this.

MOTION by Janelle M. to proceed with Rimfire Racegun Events at Outdoor Range dependent on approval from CFO and insurance, seconded by Mike H. Carried.


New Business:

  1. Dwayne D. talked about the LDFGA membership increase due to the AFGA 60% fee increase. The new LDFGA fee schedule is as follows:

1 year regular     $50        3 year regular     $145

1 year family       $85        3 year family       $250

1 year youth       $20

1 year outdoor   $30        3 year outdoor   $85

1 year indoor      $40        3 year indoor      $115

In addition to the new membership fees, we will be printing new membership forms and books, 1500 sheets from Image Press. Tawnya L. will look after this.

  1. Dwayne D. mentioned that there will be no Zone 5 Meeting this year due to COVID. The SWF Fall Virtual Meeting went well with lots of good reports. There is a map called SK Angling Maps which allows you to see on google which lakes have been restocked in SK. The fish possession limits will be lowered as well. There was no government representative at the meeting however we did receive their report. Dwayne D, Larry C, and Ian P all received their respective elections.
  2. Dwayne D. spoke about social media and the impact on the organization. As we all represent the LDFGA, we need to refrain from negativity and online abuse. If a member is also doing that, their membership will be at risk to be revoked. Negative social media is not allowed.
  3. Garry C. asked the group if we should try for an in-person meeting, in which almost everyone said yes to. This is providing regulations don’t change, and we will need to follow current regulations as well.


MOTION for adjournment


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Ab E., Keith B., Bill A., Tawnya L., Mike H., Janelle M., Garry C., Carlo M., Larry C., Andrew N., Reid B. and Brian S.


LDFGA Monthly Meeting              November 24, 2020                       7:30 PM               Grace United Church