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Outdoors Woman Camp

The 2020 W.O.W is Sept 25th to 27th. [POSTPONED] 

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation  encourages all women to expand and strengthen their outdoor skills and knowledge by joining us for a Women’s Outdoor Weekend (WOW)! This is an opportunity to learn new skills, try your hand at a variety of wilderness activities and increase your outdoor confidence  through activities like shooting (archery and rifle), knife skills, fishing and filleting, survival skills,  plant and animal identification, fire building, canoeing and much more.

Joined by our friendly experienced staff and other adventure-seeking women out at Hannin Creek Education & Research Centre at Candle Lake, this is a weekend you won’t want to miss, and one you won’t soon forget!

To register, simply complete the WOW registration form for 2020 and return it to the SWF Central Office.

For more information on our Women’s Outdoor Weekend, contact Shannon Anderson, SWF Education Coordinator, at 306-692-8812 or sanderson@swf.sk.ca




Becoming an Outdoors Woman

This is a wonderful camp for women to experience the great outdoors and take home some great skills they learned. The camps are capped at 20 women, to give them more one on one attention. The women range in age from 18 to 65+ and everyone gets along like best friends!! It will be a busy four days. When the women arrive on Tuesday evening, they will be assigned to their cabins, then shown around the facility. An interactive game will take place around the campfire to introduce and learn a little bit about everyone. The next morning the women were ready to start their activity packed days.

The instructors are very understanding, respectful, and compassionate to the women’s needs, as some of them can be apprehensive about trying new activities. The women will enjoy activities like canoeing, kayaking, lean to building, trailer backing-up, GPS/geo-caching, quadding, and an edible plants course. Archery women will learn to shoot from a tree stand as well as at 3D targets.

The instructors will be kept busy teaching restricted and non-restricted firearms, and the boat safety courses. The women will also be interactive in shotgun (skeet shooting), black powder, pistol, rifle and big bore guns.

There will be hands on interaction with the outdoor cooking course and a full meal of chicken and rice, cornmeal and then a wonderful dessert of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Cherry Choc. All the cooking will be done in cast iron pots with briquettes underneath for cooking. While the food is cooking the women will head into the bush to gather some moss from trees, birch bark and small twigs. Then with their fire flints, which they will receive in their registration bags, they learn the basics of fire starting.

The women will attend the fish cleaning course, and even try to make a filler or two, but they will all enjoy the fish fry later that evening.

Other activities will include making walking sticks, soap stone carving and rope making. A silent auction will run the whole four days with lots of wonderful fun items too bid on, as well as BOW merchandise available. This is an effort to help pay for expenses.

So as you can see, the camaraderie, strong spirit, and seeing women experience things they have never tried was all worth the effort. To cap the camp off we will have fireworks on the Friday evening. In past years everyone had a great outdoor experience and that’s what it’s all about!!

But having said all that, there is always a lot of funding needed to run these two camps. If you think this is a worthy cause I would like to ask your help with financial assistance. Some of the expenses for each camp are as follows: Quads $2000, Ammunition $500, Cooks $1500, Food for Outdoor Cooking $200;, Boating Course $1000($50per person) restricted and non-restricted courses $250 each for each camp, camp usage fee $800 per person per camp ($10 per day per person, 20 women) and many more miscellaneous expenses.

I would like in the future to see many other clubs send their women to this camp. Anything you can do to help us out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Robyn Butler, Camp Co-ordinator, Box 750, Lamont, Alta T0B 2R0, 780-895-7799