Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:35pm via ZOOM online.

Minutes: Presented minutes from Online ZOOM meeting August 25, 2020

MOTION by Bill A. to adopt minutes from August 25, 2020 meeting as presented. Seconded by Mike H. Carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Gerry R. to adopt financial report, seconded by Keith B. Carried.



-Dwayne D. brought up that it’s a possibility that we won’t be able to host the Banquet or Gun Show this coming year, so we need to keep our finances tracked and spending at a minimum.

-Dwayne D. spoke about the Alberta Fish and Game’s financial situation along with some correspondence that was sent out. AFGA is fairly transparent but there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. There is a Special Resolution taking place on October 15th. They are proposing a 60% fee increase to help with their projections of a membership decrease and other financial matters. Since we are affiliated with both Saskatchewan and Alberta, we will continue to pay half the fees in Alberta. We need to remain positive about this however have a strategic plan with questions. We will also need to think about how we will go forward financially. AFGA is also in litigation right now which is costing them a lot of money. We don’t want members paying for their financial mistake but being said we can’t see AFGA dissolve either. Dwayne D. then read the resolution drafted by the AFGA. As for the Special Resolution on October 15th, we will need 8 delegates to cast a vote, being Garry, Larry, Mike, Ab, Gerry, Keith, Dwayne, and Tawnya. Janelle will be a back-up if needed. Dwayne will send out correspondence to these people and communicate further about the Special Resolution and get us registered to vote.

-Dwayne D. spoke with Mike from Pragmatic. Mike spoke about his services, which is very similar program to zoom and costs the same ($20/mo). It’s held on a server, allows meetings to be recorded, offers a flawless meeting, no personal information is being stored, and it would be deleted automatically within 30 days. Dwayne D. opened this up to questions. Keith B. asked how much this would cost a month, Dwayne D. answered $20/mo. Janelle M. asked why we would record our meetings since we have minutes for that. Bill A. thought maybe it would help Tawnya L. write the minutes, however she answered no since it would be no different than in person meetings. The comment was made that zoom works good and no point in changing what already works.


Committee Reports:

Memberships 1601 LDFGA, 812 Outdoor, 300 Indoor.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayNR

Indoor Range Keith B., Mike H., and Andrew N. met in person to discuss ideas for the indoor range and how to promote more shooting at the range. With this sub-committee being formed, Keith B. spoke about how they identified the problem that the indoor range isn’t open enough without a schedule, and with not enough notice. The LDFGA has a lot of pistol shooters and we’d like to see them at the range more. He further mentioned that they want to get RSO’s to want to open the range on a schedule, maybe 4 openings a year, 2 being on a Sunday and pick 2 other days. The starting point would be for every second Sunday to be open. The next problem identified is how do we get RSO’s motivated to open the range and retain them, whether it be paying for their course, a free membership, or a voucher for a certain amount. Keith B. opened last Sunday and with the appropriate notice, there was 5 total that arrived, which was a good turnout. They would like to get a list of current RSO’s on board and get a plan together before another RSO course is hosted. Dwayne D. mentioned current policy is 48 hours which isn’t always being followed. Janelle M. asked who will man the schedule, in which Keith B. replied a small committee or just one person to manage that. Janelle M. agreed that the range needs more exposure to get people to come out. Keith B. said the building does need some upgrades and getting more people at the range would help achieve this and make it worth it. Dwayne D. asked how can we achieve the same goal and get the RSO’s on a schedule. It was circled back to the idea of the RSO’s getting a free membership, in which that wouldn’t be fair to the numerous and faithful other volunteers who do not get a free membership, and that maybe a voucher would be better. If this is to be approved, we would need to get a list of current RSO’s and get a detailed plan together. Keith B. mentioned he wants this to go forward, to let the RSO’s know what the intent is with the schedule and gaining interest at the range. Keith B. also gave credit to Mike H. and Andrew N. for their hard work and involvement with this as well. It was also mentioned that hosting events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or public events would promote our indoor range more too.

MOTION by Keith B. to move forward to inform current RSO’s with intent to open on 2 Sunday’s with 2 other days in a year to receive a voucher, in which its value is equivalent to the 1 year pistol range membership, and move forward with a schedule, seconded by Bill A. Carried unanimously.

Dwayne. D further recommended another RSO instructor. Keith B. will get more details in regards to this.

Outdoor Range Dwayne D. mentioned the 8” culvert needs to be installed however we are just waiting on the contractor. Larry C. mentioned about the hydro seeding process, as this needs to be done this fall. It’s a two level seeding process on the back stop. This will cost approx. $25,000 for labor and materials. Dwayne D. opened up the discussion for any feedback. Mike H. asked about any warranty. Dwayne D. replied that is usually not an issue, but also depends on the seed and applicator. There will need to be a lot of weeds taken care of as well. Keith B. brought up that if we will have to increase our membership cost due to AFGA, things like this is how we can give back to our members. It was discussed to move forward with this and everyone agreed.

MOTION by Bill A. to proceed with the hydro seeding process, seconded by Janelle M. Carried.

Conservation Camp NR

Scholarships-   Bill A. received a scholarship application from Katherine Patton with great references, in which we have awarded her with the LDFGA Conservation Scholarship. She will be taking the Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation program at Lakeland College in Vermilion. Bill A. is to send Tawnya L. the information to get a certificate and a formal congratulations letter done up so he can present to Katherine the scholarship award.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie Project / Trout Ponds Dwayne D. mentioned he is still contacting the hides person. Janelle M. said she can probably get a contact number. Larry C. mentioned there has been some graffiti on the McDougall Pond property. Dwayne D, his son, and Garry C. used a fish finder to mark fish and noted several fish on the fish finder. Note that watercraft are not allowed on the LDFGA trout ponds.

Trophies Ab E. mentioned he has been doing some measuring but it still been quiet.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show The first Gun Show meeting took place on September 17th. We will proceed like we are hosting it, however the Covid restrictions are taking a toll, such as 150 people max. A few gun shows have taken place already and it went well. We will ask if SCC can work on its rental fee. SCC also needs an approval process and a proposal on how we will follow regulations. Since we can’t lose money, we will need to keep a track on all numbers. With the maximum number of people being 150, we will require a lot of volunteers to help keep track of people entering and leaving. We would also need a cancellation date, this is to be determined but most likely end of November or December.

Archery Club / Youth Center NR

Banquet Dwayne D. said he did a banquet spreadsheet (and for the Gun Show as well) and we are at a risk for not hosting both the Gun Show and Banquet. Last year, we sold 334 tickets for the banquet and made a nice profit. If we go down to 110-120 people range, we would be in the red around $4,700. We would look at things such as cutting out the entertainment, however the financials don’t look good. Bill A. mention he is in doubt about the banquet happening. Ronda D. brought forward a drive-thru type banquet with a virtual presentation. Keith B. mentioned maybe a smaller venue with a caterer, since 300 some people to 100 some people is a big difference. Mary Ann with the Lloyd Ex is still trying to remain positive about this however we can’t host a “banquet style” event. We would have less items for the silent auction, pens cannot be shared, etc. Cold weather could be a factor for the drive-thru style banquet. Keith B. mentioned we could scale everything down and make a drive-thru style work as a committee, gave examples that the church did take out plates. We could keep focus on the wild aspect, and provide moose or deer, with a fish appetizer. However would this all be worth it to make such a small amount of money. Keith B. further mentioned another type of fundraiser, sell a target and draw a name. There will be further discussion on this.

Fish Fry – NR.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Keith B. pay outstanding bills, seconded by Mike H., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Mike H. valued the welder rental at approx. $110 that was donated from United Rentals. Dwayne will do Thank You letter for United Rentals


New Business:

  1. Mike H. presented to host ORPS and Rimfire Racegun events. It’s a low cost event and matches would be held monthly at the range, in which Mike would run most of the matches. The sub-committee will set up a meeting with Rick to discuss this further. There is a nationally ranked score board. They set most of everything up. Dwayne D. mentioned that in shooting steel targets, this needs to be enclosed. Is once a month too much? Keith B. mentioned that the positives with this outweighs all the negatives. This will be explored more and discussed further once the sub-committee has a meeting with Rick.
  2. Keith B. brought up members bringing guests to the range, $10 or $20 for a guest or weekend pass. Dwayne D. said this is a great proposal. This needs to be managed, possibly have a wavier signed, and Dwayne D. will get a hold of Adam our website developer and see if this programming can be done through the website.


MOTION for adjournment by Mike H. at 10:35pm.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Ab E., Keith B., Bill A., Tawnya L., Mike H., Janelle M., and Gerry R.


LDFGA Monthly Meeting              October 27, 2020                            7:30 PM               ZOOM Online