Saskatchewan Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Heritage Day November 15 2019


With more than 250,000 Saskatchewan residents participating in hunting, angling and trapping every
year, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) is proud to once again encourage the celebration of
Saskatchewan Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day this November 15.

“These heritage activities not only provide abundant quality of life benefits, but generated over
$600,000,000 in Saskatchewan last year,” said Darrell Crabbe, SWF Executive Director. Many people
don’t realize that the abundant fish and wildlife in this province is primarily due to the joint
contributions of licensed hunters, anglers and trappers who are on the ground supporting provincial
conservation activities. Without these activities, our province would not enjoy many of the iconic
sceneries that we have come to call home.

The SWF is inviting individuals and businesses alike to participate in honouring the Saskatchewan men
and women impacting conservation and raise awareness around their contributions to fish, wildlife and
habitat conservation by wearing camouflage clothing during our 2019 #CamoDay celebration on
November 15.

“Saskatchewan is blessed with a healthy environment that provides world-class opportunities to hunt,
fish and trap,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said. “As stewards of our environment, hunters,
anglers and trappers are key funders in the conservation, restoration and management of fish and
wildlife resources and habitat within the province. Not only are these pursuits true to the province’s
heritage, they are an important part of our future and that is why we continue to support the
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and its Camo Day efforts.”

We especially encourage those in the hunting, angling and trapping communities to wear their camo and share their stories with friends and colleagues.


Darrell Crabbe
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
P: 306-692-8812


The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation is a non-profit, non-government, charitable organization of over 33,000
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