Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40pm at LDFGA Youth Center.

Minutes: Presented minutes from September 24, 2019 meeting.

MOTION by Bill A., seconded Tyler V., to adopt minutes from September 24th meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Brian S., carried.



Discussed phone call from LeeAnne Latremouille, the Saskatchewan Breeding Bird Atlas Coordinator, for the Bird Studies of Canada. She would like to set up a workshop in Lloydminster and would like to use the LDFGA Youth Center. It would be a workshop on identifying birds/bird watching. This would be on a Friday evening in January and would be geared for ages 8 and up.

MOTION by Larry C. that the LDFGA provide the Youth Center facility for the Bird Studies Workshop, seconded by Gerry R., carried.

AFGA Narrow Lake Conservation Center is requesting that all branches provide an AGLC (Alberta Gaming Liquor & Cannabis) number. The LDFGA does not have one. Dwayne D. will get more information regarding this.


Committee Reports:

Memberships 1490 LDFGA, 740 Outdoor, 254 Indoor

November 15, 2019 will be the last day for 2019 Membership sales. Joanna K. will drop off 2020 Memberships to the gun shops Nov 18th.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayA note on the application form has been added stating that once payment is made at Sheps you are guaranteed acceptance to the event, unless the child has previously attended the LDFGA Youth Activity Day in the past, in which case they will be put on a waiting list and notified the week before the event. The next event will be on June 20, 2020.

Indoor Range The conveyor belt is at the range and is needing to be installed. Darwin G. would head up the construction but would need a couple of volunteers to help him. Tyler V. updated on the CCFR/LDFGA Indoor Range Family event on October 6, 2019. Attendance was really great. A food truck was on site and did well. A big thank you to Wildside Outdoors and Prophet River Firearms who both donated ammunition for the event.

Outdoor Range Dwayne D., Bernie H., and Stuart R. did more dirt work at the range.

The electrical equipment still needs to be removed from the IPSC storage building.

Conservation CampDiscussed banquet tickets for camp attendees.

MOTION by Brian S. to give complimentary tickets to 2019 Conservation Camp attendees, seconded by Ian P., carried.

Donation from the Shed Hunting contest will cover the cost for 4 kids to attend camp (2 to AB and 2 to SK).

Scholarships-   NR

MerchandiseDiscussion regarding fish hooks. Will keep 50 for future Youth Activity Day and can sell the rest to interested members (Large Hooks $8.00, Small Hooks $7.00).

Habitat/Gordon Leslie ProjectNR

Hide ProgramNR

Trout Ponds McDougall Pond update. The toilet is almost complete, need a couple of people to help finish this. Dwayne D. mentioned purchasing some trout food to have on hand for spring.

TrophiesAb E. updated. There are 3 sponsors still owing from 2018. Discussion regarding the lack of sponsorship this year. Dwayne D. will look at what is left that is needing a sponsor and LDFGA may sponsor these.

MOTION by Ab E. to look into options for having meetings in Lloydminster year round, seconded by Tyler V., discussion, carried.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show–   Applications were sent out mid-October and 11 have come back to date. This is the last year of the contract with the Servus Center. Dwayne D. suggested handing out a questionnaire to get feedback from the vendors on how they perceive all aspects of our show. Larry C. will order more door prize entry forms. Deposit of 50% will need to be paid to the facility. Dwayne D. will confirm security with the LAA. Janelle M. has agreed to be involved with the Gun Show.

Archery Club / Youth Center Youth Programs will run on Mondays and Wednesdays starting in November. There are approximately 24 kids in each program. Ages 6+ recommended. Information regarding fun shoots will be on the LDFGA Website and the LAA Facebook page. Dwayne D. will get this information to Joanna to post on the website.

Banquet Dwayne D. talked about the requirement of CWD testing of all meat donated. Dwayne will put up posters regarding this requirement in the gun shops. A Banquet Committee meeting will take place in early December, date to be determined. Dwayne talked to Rob (Lloyd Ex.) regarding changing how the the fish frying may be done and discussed a couple of different options. There will need to be some trial and error done before deciding on which method to use. Bill A. discussed bartenders for the banquet. Curly H. has said that he can provide bartenders once again this year but that new shirts should be ordered.

MOTION by Bill A. to get Curly H. to order new shirts for the LDFGA Banquet bartenders, seconded by Larry C., carried.

Larry C. has tentatively booked the magician/comedian Matt Gore aka “Ginger Ninja”. Larry will forward his bio to Joanna so that she can do up the poster for the mail out and post information on the website.

Discussion regarding the purchase of a backdrop for events.

MOTION by Joanna K. to purchase a 119 x 90 curved wrap around backdrop for approximately $1200, seconded by Ian P., carried.

Joanna K. will come up with a design for the backdrop.

Dwayne will talk to Earl about having Hutley Sheppard set up a display table at the banquet.

Fish Fry –NR


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Joanna K. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Bill A., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Dwayne D. will look into rifle raffle.
  2. Mark Fossett has been contacted and he will try to get the lead cleaned out during Indoor Range construction.
  3. Discussed online membership issues.
  4. Bucks & Bulls Bragging night has been booked for December 12, 2019 at Moose Lodge. Larry C. will organize the event. All antlers must be thoroughly cleaned before bringing into the facility. Discussion regarding prizes/door prizes. Possibly have four categories for prizes (this may depend on how many attend). Scoring would be unofficial and just for ‘fun’. Ab E. may use his ‘Rackulator’. There will be $10 entry fee which would cover the rental of the Moose Lodge and appetizers. This event is open to members and non-members. LDFGA would sell memberships at the event to anyone interested. Advertise in the gun shops, on Facebook and Instagram, and on LDFGA Website. Larry C. mentioned “Branch Rejuvenation” and a few ideas that may help increase membership. A volunteer list that is separated into categories (Gun Show, Banquet, Range work, etc.) that members can ‘sign up’ for. Larry also mentioned possibly doing a video depicting LDFGA events and facilities, what we are all about and having it play at events.


New Business:

  1. Bill A. discussed possibly use of the LDFGA facilities by a school group for educational purposes. He was contacted by Clint Chocan. Bill A., Larry C. and Dwayne D. will meet with Clint and other LPSD representatives on Wed. October 30th to show him the facilities and get more information.
  2. Discussion regarding CWD Testing Sites. Dwayne D. will forward a list of SK sites to Joanna K. to put on the website. Dwayne will look into AB sites.
  3. Don Mark will no longer be looking after mowing at the range. A new volunteer(s) is needed to take over. Thanks to Don for many years of dedicated work at this position. Dwayne D. suggested purchasing a used quad to have at the range.
  4. SWF and AFGA Conventions will be February 20-22, 2020. SWF is in Weyburn and AFGA is in Sherwood Park. Ab. E and Gerry R. will attend AFGA Convention and will need to book their hotel rooms. Ian P., Garry C., Larry C., and Joanna K. will attend SWF Convention. Dwayne D. will attend as Director of Region 2. Larry C. has reserved hotel rooms for SWF Convention.
  5. Larry C. and Dwayne D. discussed some points from the SWF Fall Meeting. These points included Invasive Species, Fish Hatchery, Branch Rejuvenation, getting more women and youth involved with the clubs, CAMO Day is Nov 15th. All members are encouraged to wear camo on this day, Buddy Tags, and fish testing at a few SK lakes.



MOTION for adjournment by Tyler V.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Bill A., Joanna K., Tyler V., Gerry R., Brian S., Ab E., and Ian P.


LDFGA Meeting                  November 26, 2019                     7:30 PM               Grace United Church