Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40pm at LDFGA Youth Center.

Minutes: Presented minutes from March 26, 2019 meeting.

MOTION by Garry C., seconded Jeff F., to adopt minutes from March 26 meeting, carried.

Financial Report: N/A


Discussed quote sent from Len Thompson Lures for hook pricing.

MOTION by Garry C. to order 75 #2 tri color lures with clear coat, swivels and nickel plated as well as 75 #0 yellow lures with clear coat, swivels and nickel plated, seconded by Jeff F., carried.

Interval Home sent a thank you for the food donation from the banquet.

Committee Reports:

Memberships 1139 LDFGA, 516 Outdoor, 216 Indoor

Last year’s numbers at this time: 1191 LDFGA, 532 Outdoor, 236 Indoor

Joanna is now the main contact for memberships.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayWill take place on June 22, 2019 and is open for 10-13 year olds. Ads were posted in the schools on April 29th. Bus request will take place at the next board meeting. There are volunteers for 4 of the activities so far. The 300 compasses have arrived and cost $3 each. Pictures and gifts are handed out in the museum parking lot and Bill A. would like all volunteers to be in the picture.

Indoor Range Need to discuss with RSOs about getting on the opening schedule. Discussed possibly having pistol events. RSO course update: 8 of the 9 signed up took the course, 1 no show. One attendee is from North Battleford and will not be on our opening schedule. Darwin will contact RSOs to see if there is any interest in putting on a couple of events at the Indoor Range. A projector screen was purchased for the Indoor Range for doing the RSO course. The back stop needs to be redone, looking into conveyor belting.

Outdoor Range Discussed water washout at in the pistol bay. Backstop ground sluffing at the pistol bay. Grass is starting to grow. Small issues with a couple of new members but Dwayne D. has contacted them and discussed the issues.

Conservation CampLarry C. updated. Sending 4 to AB Advance Camp, 3 to SK and waiting hear from head office.

Scholarships-   Bill A. has talked to all of the schools in the membership area.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie ProjectWhen it warms up Garry C. will paint fence.

Hide ProgramNR

Trout Ponds Discussion about the West pond and whether we are going to restock or remove signage and garbage cans. Garry C. will check into restocking the pond.

MOTION by Larry C. to restock the West Trout Pond, seconded by Bill A., carried.


Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show–   NR

Archery Club / Youth Center Youth programs are now complete. Exsile Outdoors and LAA will be joining to have a sponsored youth program starting in November 2019. Open House on May 4th and 3D Fun Shoot on May 5th.

Banquet NR

Fish Fry – There were 202 tickets sold ($4040 in sales) and it was another successful event. Jeff F. needs 3 20L jugs of oil for the fryers. There were 2 boxes of fish sold to Moose Lodge for $140, unused supplies returned to Sobeys for $39.50, Moose Lodge charge of $8/plate, fish cost was $1050, groceries cost $169.39, and the oil cost was $85. This left us with a profit of approximately $1284. There is one box of fish left over for the Presidents BBQ.

Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Larry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Jeff F., carried.

Old Business:

  1. Andrew N. updated on Project Mapleseed. Date has been set for Wednesday July 10, 2019 from 8am-5pm. There are 4 spots still open as of April 30th.
  2. IPSC subcommittee meeting update from Randy N. Proposal for purchases with a list of equipment needed. Total proposal is approx. $5200 including wood, hardware, targets, sea can for storage and other misc. costs. Randy N. will donate what supplies he has on hand and he will check into different sizes of sea cans.

MOTION by Randy N. to buy the target poppers and supplies that we do not have on hand up to $1600 and also to spend up to $2500 for storage container (seacan). Seconded by Andrew N., carried.

  1. AHA Shed Hunting contest is still going on.
  2. No response from Shooting Federation of Canada. This will now be dropped from discussion.
  3. AFGA Narrow Lake work bees are set for the first weekend in May and June.
  4. Dwayne hosted a GPS Course on April 27, 2019. There were 9 people who signed up, 1 person cancelled, 2 no shows and 2 walk ins. The weather was cold but it was a good time. Dwayne D. will do another course in the future.

New Business:

  1. Discussion regarding washroom for Outdoor Range, tank cost of $3500 with toilet installed.

MOTION by Larry C. to purchase the tank, building, etc. up to a total of $7000, seconded by Garry C., carried.

  1. Foster Property clean up on May 11th, looking for volunteers to help.
  2. Archery club is looking for funding for bear proof garbage cans. The cost of these is $1700/can. They would need 2. Tabled until May 28th meeting.
  3. Discussed possible signage for the corner of Hwy 303 for the LDFGA/Archery/Youth Center and Gun Ranges. There was some concern that this may attract thieves. LAA / LDFGA looking to split the cost. Tabled until costs can be looked into.
  4. Dwayne D. has the SWF Regional Meeting minutes if anyone is interested in reading them. Will discuss at the next meeting.
  5. The SK trespass law has been put on hold for more information and feedback from user groups.
  6. SWF invoice for property taxes on the Bert Smith property for $750, will discuss more at a later date.
  7. Larry C. is the new Regional Fisheries Coordinator.

MOTION for adjournment by Brian S.

Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Brian S., Larry C., Andrew N., Jeff F., Bill A., Darwin G., Garry C. and Randy N.


LDFGA Meeting                  May 28, 2019                  7:30 PM               LDFGA YOUTH CENTER