President Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:43 pm at the Legion.

Minutes: Reviewed minutes from February 24 meeting.

MOTION by Jeff F., seconded by Brian S., to adopt minutes as read from February 24, 2015, carried.

Financial Report: MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Bill A., carried.


1. AFGA email – There will be no more commercial fishing in Alberta.

2. MOE (SACO) letter – Looking for funding to help with displays for mobile trailer. Dwayne will contact head office for more information on donation amounts.

3. Saco letter – Looking for sponsorship for their upcoming convention. We will donate $500.

MOTION by Garry C. to donate $500 for convention, seconded by Jeff F., carried.

4. AFGA letter and DVD – Record setting period for WTF. Will setup the DVD for viewing when the meetings are moved to the Youth Center.

5. Northeastern Alberta FGA – Sent reminder of meeting and agenda for April 18. Bill A. will attend.

Committee Reports:

Memberships – Gwen B. – 1313 LDFGA, 332 Pistol Club, 405 Outdoor Range. Gerald J., Garry C., Dwayne D., Gwen B., and Reid B. will meet in the next couple weeks to discuss 3 year memberships.

Fundraising – NR

Youth Outdoor Activity Day – Bill A. – Compasses will be given out to all the kids as souvenirs.

MOTION by Bill A. to purchase 200 compasses, if available, at $3.00 each, seconded by John P., carried.

Indoor Range – Discussed email from one member about guests. Guests that are at sanctioned special events are covered by our insurance; a guest coming with a member, is not. Discussed allowing guests by purchasing a LDFGA membership for insurance coverage and waiving the pistol membership as a one-time fee. RSO would need to sign the LDFGA membership card as a notifier that they have used their one-time guest allowance. Dwayne D., Reid B., Chris B., Ken H., Curtis P., Jeff F., and Darwin G. will develop a protocol for guests. No guests until this is in place.

Timer switch for furnace is ready to be installed.

Revisited the discussion about holstering firearms at the range by reviewing the recommendations from the Sask CFO. There are currently no activities at the range that deem holstering necessary. Holstering will continue to be prohibited at both ranges at this time.

Outdoor Range – Reid B. – All cameras are running. Self-closing hinges will be installed by the end of the first week in April.

Called Air Cadets for volunteers; they would like to help next year but need to be organized by December, 2015. Called Boy Scouts but never got confirmation. Called half the volunteer list; so far, have 20 confirmed volunteers. Other half of the list will be contacted.

Internet will be needed to get camera streaming. Satellite internet would be the best option. Between $85-$105/month depending on data needed; lowest plan for 20GB ($85) would give us 80hrs of streaming video. Plus install cost ranging from $99-$549 depending on contract plan. We can set up the streaming video to be a hyperlink which can be active for any given time. Reid B. will look into getting the video to be an active “snapshot” rather than a video feed, which would reduce the data needed. Camera angle would be of the parking lot to show how busy the range is. No member sensitive information will come from that feed.

Conservation Camp – There are 6 applicants.

Scholarships – Information for scholarships will be sent out after Easter.

Merchandise – Value is $3927 as of January.

Habitat – NR

Hide Program – Last pick up was 35 hides.

Trout Ponds – NR

Trophies – Weatherford and Bruin Brothers will not be sponsoring next year. Large companies are too hard to get payments from. Bill A. suggested giving the 2 tickets for the trophy awards night in Edmonton to Ab E. and his wife again.

MOTION by Bill A., seconded by Ken H., to give Ab E. the trophy awards night tickets, carried.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show – Dwayne still has to send letter to unruly exhibitor.

Archery Club / Youth Center – There were 40 entries at the FITA Regional Shoot. Brian S. reviewed Archery Club award winners from archery competitions.

Gordon Leslie Project – NR

Banquet – NR

Fish Fry – At Moose Lodge April 23. 51 tickets sold so far. Gayle will supply food and drinks again. Work Bee 10:30 am, April 23 to set up cooking shelter. Fish prepping at 3:00 pm.

Bills to be Paid:

Kobes Welding            $807.24            Building security camera post

Dwayne D.            $219.43            Convention

Gerald J.            $26.23            Fob supplies

Darwin G.            $26.24            Earplugs

MOTION by Brian S. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Chris B., carried.

Old Business:

1. GST number not needed; we don’t have enough sales with GST.

2. Primitive weapons zone will be discussed at a later date.

New Business:

1. Multiple copies of the Outdoor Canada magazines are being sent out to same addresses. Will be sorted out.

2. Reid B. would like someone to show him what can be kept and what can be thrown out of the storage shed next to the indoor range. Would like to store some of the range supplies up there. Will do the clean out during range clean-up weekend.

3. Spiderweb Design volunteered to upgrade our website. Will do the transfer and upgrade for free. Yearly webhosting would be $240/year, which is up from $189 current cost. Reid B. will ask him to attend next meeting with a short presentation of what can be upgraded. He can also help with setting up the streaming video at a $60/hr rate.

MOTION for adjournment by Brian S.

Present at Meeting: Dwayne Davison, Larry Chambers, Gwen Ballek, Reid Ballek, Jeff Fenske, Curtis Paterson, Terence Harbin, Darwin Girdauckis, John Pierce, Gerald Johnson, Curly Hallan, Garry Cunningham, Bill Armstrong, Ken Helmeczi, Chris Brubacher, Grant Key, Brian Sawtell, Wayne Burzinski.

Next Meeting: 7:30pm on April 28, 2015 at Legion Hall