President Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm at the Legion.

Minutes: Reviewed minutes from March 31 meeting.

Error – Bruin Brothers will continue to sponsor a trophy and Weatherford needs to be contacted ever year for sponsorship.

Error – Outdoor Range memberships totalled 341.

MOTION by Bill A., seconded by Terence H., to adopt revised minutes from March 31, carried.

Dale Farland, RM of Britannia, presented plans for rebuilding a section of RR 3274. They will be widening the road by 17 feet on our side. Compensation is $582.32 per acre for 0.47 acres, totalling $278.72. RM will take down and replace fence.

MOTION by Gerry R. to sign agreement for road rebuilding, seconded by Larry C., carried.

Financial Report: MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Terence H., carried.


1. Letter from Robert Sopuck, conservative hunting and angling caucus chair – Looking for supporters to sign petition to tell parliament how important hunting, angling and trapping are to Canadians.

Committee Reports:

Memberships – Gwen B. – 1389 LDFGA, 334 Pistol Club, 407 Outdoor Range. Issues with 3 year memberships will be discussed at next meeting.

Fundraising – NR

Youth Outdoor Activity Day – Bill A. – All systems go. Brian Sheppard is coordinating program again. Bill has compasses for souvenirs. Reviewed volunteers for each section.

Indoor Range – Reviewed guest protocol. Guests will need to buy a LDFGA membership then will be allowed 3 visits before needing a buy a Pistol Range membership. Only 1 guest per member and guest must be within arm’s reach. Should guests be allowed from other gun clubs? Door should be locked while range is in use. Sub-committee will meet this month to finalize protocol.

MOTION by Gerald J. to install a push bar panic door on both the Pistol Range and Youth Center for emergencies, seconded by Jeff F., carried.

Darwin G. reviewed options for bathroom. Need a spot to put septic tank and bathroom. Tank needs to be far enough away from well.

MOTION by Darwin G. to spend up to $20,000 for purchasing and installing bathroom, seconded by Terence H. TABLED by Gerry R. pending notice of motion to membership.

Reid B. is checking into target retrieval system.

Outdoor Range – Discussed not streaming a camera on website at all. Still need internet to update fob system. Will revisit next meeting.

Range clean-up is this weekend starting May 2 at 8 am.

Discussed better ways to put up boards.

Dwayne will look into options for rebuilding parking lot.

Conservation Camp – There are 3 AB and 3 SK applicants. Sponsors lined up for 2 AB and 2 SK.

Scholarships – Information for scholarships has been sent out to schools.

Merchandise – Gwen B. to post pictures on website.

Habitat – NR

Hide Program – NR

Trout Ponds – NR

Trophies – Trophy Night was good.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show – Dwayne still has to send letter to unruly exhibitor.

Archery Club / Youth Center – Youth programs are done until fall. 6 week adult instructional program will run in May. Discussed Alberta Indoor 3D Provincial Winners. 4 Gold and 1 Silver.

Gordon Leslie Project – NR

Banquet – NR

Fish Fry – 200 people attended. Fish fry was excellent.

Bills to be Paid:

Ab E.            $9.18            Engraved tulip

John P.            $28.60            Propane and washing fryers

Bill A.            $40.50            Fuel and Propane

Larry C.            $24.97            Spices and mailing applications

MOTION by Larry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Jeff F., carried.

Old Business:

1. Primitive weapons zone will be discussed at a later date.

2. MOE (SACO) letter – Looking for funding to help with displays for mobile trailer. Dwayne will contact head office for more information on donation amounts.

3. Working on eliminating multiple copies of Outdoor Canada magazine.

New Business:

1. Discussed Region 2 (SK) and Zone 5 (AB) spring meetings.

MOTION by Bill A. to donate $500 to golf tournament, seconded by Gerry R., carried.

2. Gwen B. is taking over website right away. Thanks to Edith and Garry C. for years of great time and effort in running the website.

3. Discussed the transportation of wild turkeys for hunting.

4. Larry showed book the Diverse Landscapes of the Manitou Sand Hills, which we helped sponsor. Larry recommended watching a mini documentary called “The Last Cowboy” about PFRA pastures:

MOTION for adjournment by Bill A.

Present at Meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Gwen B., Steve G., Brian H., Jeff F., Curtis P., Terence H., Darwin G., Ralph M., Grant K., Gerald J., Chris B., Dale F., Ab E., Gerry R., John P., Bill A., Tom O., Rick K.

Next Meeting: 7:30pm on May 26, 2015 at Youth Center