Lloydminster & District Fish & Game Association – Minutes of Meeting – February 23, 2016

Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm at the Legion.

Minutes: Reviewed minutes from January 26, 2016 meeting.
Error – The motion to reimburse Bill Dickenson all the money he paid for 2016’s Gun Show was carried.
Error – Davin R., not Gavin R., will attend AB Convention.
MOTION by Brian H., seconded by Daryl L., to adopt revised minutes from January 26 meeting, carried.

Financial Report:
MOTION by Garry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Bill A., carried.
MOTION by Trevor D. to elect Garry C. as interim treasurer, seconded by Bill A., carried.

1. Dryland Fisheries sent a brochure of restocking trout prices.

Committee Reports:
Memberships – Garry C. – 1222 LDFGA, 226 Indoor Range, 434 Outdoor Range.
Some members think the new memberships are receipts.
Fundraising – NR
Youth Outdoor Activity Day – June 25, 2016. Shep’s is still coordinating. Dwayne will write letter to School Division for use of bus.
Indoor Range – Bathroom is 95% done. Electrical needs to be completed. Water heater should be lifted off the dirt. Drain needs to be fixed as it is in the high point of the floor. There is a leak under water hydrant.
There is interest in shooting lane sponsorship for Target Retrieval System. $2500 per lane.
Estimates for structural inspection came in around $6500. Choose to have truss system “reverse manufactured” to get assessment of trusses. Assessment came back with a failed load rating to have target system hang from truss. Work would need to be done to modify trusses to hold target system, but structural assessment would still need to be done. Came up with design to build a sub structure to carry the target system inside the building, early estimate was $2300 for materials. Going ahead with ordering target system as we are still within the amount of the original motion.
Reid B. looked into get RSO clothing for active RSO’s. Sweaters are $50 and Hats are $20. Have a safety vest for the RSO on duty. Active RSO’s are those who have monitored 3 times a year and will receive a hat or $25 off a sweater.
MOTION by Reid B. to purchase 2 safety vests with Range Safety Officer written on back, seconded by Bill A., carried.
MOTION by Reid B. to purchase either a RSO hat or pay for half of a sweater for active RSO’s, seconded by Wayne B., carried.
Brian H. will look back at sign in sheet to gather active RSO list. Reid will email active RSOs.
Memberships need to be physically checked to make sure the person is a current member.
Outdoor Range – Need to get other sponsor signs done.
Range Clean up is April 30 and May 1. Boy Scouts interested in helping.
Keva Concrete is booked for June 13. Will cost $9900 after $1000 is donated to range.
Can get internet via booster on phone. $600 to install, $600 for new computer, have a used phone to use. Brian S. to double check LAA will still pay for half.
MOTION by Reid B. to spend up to $2000 to upgrade communications with purchase of cell phone booster, router system and computer system pending approval from LAA to pay for half of the equipment, install and monthly fees , seconded by Bill A., carried.
Conservation Camp – Need to provide Rotary Club with information about SK and AB camps. Dwayne has AB information. Sent an email to SK.
Scholarships – Pictures of award recipients will be added to website.
Merchandise – Discussed having a link on website where people can buy LDFGA merchandise. This will not be a fund raising venture for the club. We will be allowing a 3rd party business to sell LDFGA gear. We can pick the items and design. Paul from Pear Media needs to bring samples or pictures to meeting.
Habitat – NR
Hide Program – 60 – 70 hides. Hutterites to come this week for pick up.
Trout Ponds – NR
Trophies – One trophy left to pick up.
Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show – NR
Archery Club / Youth Center – Lots of interest from schools.
Gordon Leslie Project – NR
Banquet – Approximate expenses were discussed. 439 people, 14 didn’t show. Everything ran fairly smooth. Posting raffle winners on Facebook was confusing and distracting, but gained more followers on Facebook.
Fish Fry – April 21, 2016. 17 tickets sold at banquet. Set up is at 10 am April 21.

Bills to be Paid:
MOTION by Bill A. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Brian H., carried.

Old Business:
1. Panic doors need to be installed. Archery Club executive saying panic doors are not needed. Corey B. to check fire code.
2. Discussed getting Hunter’s education course through LDFGA. There is a SK 2 week course in Regina then have to host a course with a certified instructor.
3. Motion on removing age restriction tabled definitely by Trevor D.

New Business:
1. Reviewed AB and SK Conventions and Resolutions.
2. Discussed having a sign to mark our location on 303. LAA is interested in putting up a sign.
3. Charter needs to be revisited by a sub-committee consisting of a collective from the executive, RSOs, members. Charter should be available to all members and revisable, as the club’s needs change and grow. Charter can only be revised at annual general meeting. Topics to be discussed like do we follow Robert’s Rules of Order or other alternatives?
4. Need to put together a range rules sub-committee consisting of a collective from the executive, RSOs, members and LAA.

MOTION for adjournment by Brian H.

Present at Meeting: Dwayne D, Gwen B, Reid B, Wayne B, Bill A, Brian S, Garry C, Ab E, Warren S, Brian H, Trevor D, Daryl L and John P.

NEXT MEETING          March 29, 2016               7:30 PM                Legion Hall