Lloydminster & District Fish & Game Association – Minutes of Meeting – January 26, 2016


Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm at the Legion.


Minutes: Reviewed minutes from January 5, 2016 meeting.

MOTION by Bill A., seconded by Jeff F., to adopt minutes from January 5 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

Convention – Chequing is now a paypal account for online memberships. New term accounts were added from savings accounts. Indoor and Outdoor accounts will soon be all together in main chequing account.

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Bill A., carried.



  1. Letter from AFGA with resolutions for convention. Membership prices are raising in 2017.
  2. Letter from Deerfoot Inn and Calgary Casino with a room rate discount.


Committee Reports:

Memberships Garry C. – 1060 LDFGA, 193 Indoor Range, 329 Outdoor Range.

Discussed whole family using Indoor membership so spouses and family youth don’t have to buy a separate one. Outdoor range does this with the fobs.

MOTION by Trevor D. that all family members are included in an Indoor Range Membership with a family LDFGA Membership, seconded by Terence H., carried.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayJune 25, 2016? Is Shep’s still coordinating?

Indoor Range All rules need to be written down. RSO’s will need to meet again. Bathroom is 75% done. Needs to be painted and vanity installed. There is interest in shooting lane sponsorship for Target Retrieval System.

Outdoor Range Need to get other sponsor signs done. Firebird explosives were being used.

Range Clean up will be April 30 and May 1 this year. Trevor D. will see if Boy Scouts can help.

MOTION by Reid B. to hire a non-profit organization to help with clean up for $500 and lunch with the expectation of at least 10 kids over the age of 10, seconded by Curtis P., carried.

Conservation CampDiscussed how many kids to sponsor.

ScholarshipsAll scholarship winners are attending banquet.

MerchandiseBelt Buckles for raffle at banquet. There will also be a merchandise table set up at banquet.


Hide Program One more pick up.

Trout Ponds Haven’t been restocking our pond, but can be if people want it.

Trophies2015 Winners are out.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show Went good. 1655 people on Saturday and 695 Sunday for a total of 2350 people. A high estimation of the costs is $12,500. Estimated profit from that is $26,800. One vendor had explosive targets. Is that allowed? Angeline J. will check into. Vendors prefer Saturday closing at 5 instead of 6. One vendor cancelled due to illness. His table was resold. We will reimburse him his fees.

MOTION by Jeff F. to reimburse Bill Dickenson all the money he paid for 2016’s Gun show for cancellation due to illness, seconded by Warren S.

Archery Club / Youth Center There were 3 more groups out in January to shoot. Marwayne and E.S. Laird want to book 2 more outings each. E.S. would like to shoot pellet guns as well. Annual Archery Shoot had 238 shooters which was biggest outcome ever.

Gordon Leslie ProjectNR

Banquet429 people so far. Book Lloyd Ex. For 450 people. Need volunteers for food prep on Friday, Jan 29. – Jeff F., Gerry R., Davin R., Bill A., Reid B., Brian S., Trevor D., Earle K., and Ian P. Need volunteers to slice meat and cheese for appetizers and prepare some vegetables and fill trays Saturday before banquet – Jeff F., Reid B. Need Bar workers – Terence H., Davin R., Angeline J. and Curly H.

Fish Fry – April 21, 2016 – Jeff F. will be selling tickets at Banquet.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Larry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Gerry R., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Panic doors need to be installed. Archery Club executive saying panic doors are not needed. May need them for Winter Games. Corey B. will look into further.
  2. Discussed getting Hunter’s education course through LDFGA. There is a SK 2 week course in Regina then have to host a course with a certified instructor.
  3. Had minimal discussion on previous motion on removing age restriction at Outdoor Range. Reviewed Robert’s Rules on how to rescind, amend or reconsider.

MOTION by Larry C. to table motion on removing age restriction until February 23, 2016, seconded by Trevor D., carried.

  1. MOTION by Corey B. to spend up to $50,000 Canadian on Target Retrieval System pending structural assessment, seconded by Curtis Paterson, carried.

Building inspector will be notified to assess building.  We will be installing the system ourselves. Benches will need to be redesigned.


New Business:

  1. Discussed how long an RSO should be recognized as a RSO if they are not active. Discussion tabled until next meeting. Also discussed whether RSO instructors should be paid.

MOTION by Garry C. to pay RSO instructor, seconded by Darwin G., carried.

  1. SK Convention – February 18-20, 2016. Dwayne D., Garry C. and Reid B. will attend. AB Convention – February 18-20, 2016. Gerry R., Gavin R. and Ab E. will attend.

Discussed donation amounts for both AB and SK.

MOTION by Garry C. to donate $7000 to Habitat, $2500 to Youth Camps and $500 to Becoming an Outdoor Woman to both AB and SK, seconded by Bill A., carried.

  1. MOTION by Larry C. to give Lloyd Archers $500 honorarium for day security at Gun and Outdoor Show, seconded by Garry C., carried.


MOTION for adjournment by Bill A.


Present at Meeting: Dwayne D, Larry C, Gwen B, Reid B, Wayne B, Bill A, Jeff F, Brian S, Gerry R, Garnet L, Curtis P, Terence H, Darwin G, Garry C, Ab E, Warren S, Brian H, Trevor D, Ian P, Angeline J, Troy T, Tennille T, Graff T, Riddley T, Graham F, Grant K, Leana R, and Ralph M.



NEXT MEETING                February 23, 2016            7:30 PM               Legion Hall