Lloydminster & District Fish & Game Association Receives Sizable Donation from the AHA Shed Hunting Contest


(Larry Chambers (rt), treasurer of Lloydminster & District Fish and Game Assoc., accepts a $1600 cheque from Hutley Sheppard, administrator of the AHA Shed Hunting Contest. The money will go towards sponsoring 4 kids to Alberta and Saskatchewan conservation camps.


For those who have spent any amount of time in the outdoors; most will have run across shed antlers of deer, moose or elk. The thrill of connecting with a live animal and the mystery of what the animal looked like and how the antler came to be where it was found is exhilarating. Most people pick up the antler and take it as a kind of souvenir of the day. It can become an addictive sport.

There is no one more enthusiastic about this sport than Hutley Sheppard of Lloydminster. In 2018 he and a number of like-minded buddies decided to set up the AHA Shed Hunting Contest. For a small donation, you can be registered for the contest and share the euphoria of comparing the finds of the group. Many businesses and individuals thought it was such a good idea that they donated very nice prizes to be given out to members with notable finds or numbers. Any money raised through the contest would be donated to a charity.

It was such a tremendous success that Hutley undertook to organize the contest for 2019. It expanded to almost 400 registrations with an expanded sponsor list for prizes. This year they also were able to offer four fantastic prizes for the “women’s only“ division. They decided to donate the $1600 profit to the Lloydminster & District Fish & Game Association to help send two kids to the Alberta Fish and Game Narrow Lake Camp, and two kids to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Hannin Creek Conservation Camp at Candle Lake.

The Lloydminster & District Fish & Game Association are thrilled with the premise and ethics of the contest and are, of course, also with the donation they received towards their youth conservation camp program. If you have ever found a shed, or are interested in this contest, you would enjoy joining Hutley’s AHA Shed Hunting Group on Facebook to see the phenomenal photos exhibited there.