Please see that the Alberta Sportfishing Resident Licences 2019-20 have declined again to 251,946.

This decline is 5.7% less than last year and 16.8% lower than 5 years ago.   

The numbers are almost 100,000 less than those in 1983-84 (35 years ago) when the Alberta population was half of the current population (see the table below).

For your information. 

We are continuing to meet with the government to address specific concerns and are recommending several changes to the 2020-21 Sportfishing Regulations.  We are strongly suggesting that increasing fishing opportunities with fish habitat protection/restoration/development, supplemental fish stocking/transplanting, regulation changes and other fish management plans (i.e. avian predation).

Please contact me or our committee members or the Government fisheries managers for specific concerns that you have.

Stay healthy.

Ray Makowecki

Volunteer Fisheries Biologist

Next Step Team and Volunteer Biologists Group

Cellular: 780-918-5527



Alberta Angling Licences and Interest in Fishing in Alberta


Year # Resident Wildlife Certificates # Alberta Resident Fishing Licences Alberta Population
1980-81 166,191   2.26 million
1983-84   345,809 2.30 million
1999-00     93,721


2015-16 128,077 303,212 4.07 million
2016-17 127,020 297,237  
2017-18 122,760 294,037 4.33 million
2018-19 124,650 267,630  
2019-20   251,946