To all FOB members, sorry about the short notice, but the LDFGA Exec will be closing the Outdoor Range effective immediately, due to cement work for sidewalks and a base in the Pistol Bay Shelter. This has been planned for some time, but weather and availability of cementing crew was the determining factor. We received a call late this morning to see if we could proceed right away with this project and we decided to proceed, as we cannot predict weather and the opportunity was upon us. The range will be open this evening at about 6:00 pm and then be closed for all day Wednesday July 22 and part of Thursday July 23rd. We may be able to open the rifle part of the range some time on Thursday, as long as the weather and the cementing process goes as planned. The Pistol bay will be closed until further notice, so as to allow the cement to dry on the side walk and shelter base. The IPSC practice for Thursday July 23rd, will be cancelled. Please refer to the LDFGA website, social media for future updates on the range closure. Thank You in advance for your understanding in making improvements to the Outdoor Range. Thanks


The LDFGA Assoc.