Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:35pm at the LDFGA Youth Center.


Minutes: Presented minutes from September 25, 2018 meeting.

MOTION by Brian S., seconded Reid B., to adopt minutes from September 25 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Brian S., carried.


Correspondence:  Dwayne D. discussed the AFGA Call to Action on Federal Gun Bans and SWF Official Receipt Requests which must be submitted by October 31st 2018.


Committee Reports:


Memberships Joanna K. – 1488 LDFGA, 279 Indoor, 739 Outdoor

Joanna K. picked up supplies for mail out. Dwayne D. to get LDFGA poster/newsletter ready.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayNR

Indoor Range Discussed use of the Indoor Range and Youth Centre by various groups. Darwin G. discussed using conveyor belting in front of the backstop at the range. He will look further into this.

Outdoor Range The request for the IPSC Pistol Bay approval was sent in on September 29 2018 and we are currently awaiting approval. Dwayne D. brought up the issue of members leaving the entrance gate open. There is a legal requirement for all members to swipe in. Discussed the possibility of installing an alarm on the entrance gate that would sound if the gate is not closed. The issue of members allowing non-members to use the range was also discussed. Due to numerous incidents of dog feces being found on the range there will be a strict NO PETS ALLOWED rule in place. A sign will be posted for this as well as a sign for ‘No Cannabis’ use on the property.

Conservation Camp AFGA Camp applications deadline is December 25 2018.

Scholarships-   Larry C. read report from Bill A. On October 26 2018, Dwayne D. presented a scholarship to Dustin Snider, at the Lloydminster Comprehensive High School awards night. Bill A. will present a scholarship to Joshua Gollum on November 23 2018 at the Holy Rosary Awards Night. Each recipient will receive two complimentary tickets to the LDFGA Awards Banquet on January 26 2019.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie ProjectGarry C. and Dwayne D. toured the Gordon Leslie site. AFGA will be sending out signs to put up at the property.

Hide ProgramSWF has cancelled the program due to no sale options for the hides. It was mentioned that the Lloydminster landfill does not allow hides or any animal parts to be disposed of at their site. Larry C. will contact the Hutterite Colony to see if they are interested in purchasing any hides.

Trout Ponds NR


Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show–   Applications are in the process of being sent out. The gun for the attendance draw has been purchased at MGO. Dwayne D. will be signing an updated contact with the Servus Centre. This will be Angie J.’s last year of running the show. A LDFGA volunteer will need to step forward to take over.

Archery Club / Youth Center Youth programs start November 5 2018. There are still a few spots available.


Banquet Larry C. is awaiting confirmation from Brendon Labatte regarding speaking at the banquet. Larry C. to provide a bio for Kelly Taylor to Dwayne D. for the LDFGA mail out poster as well as to Joanna K. for the website.  Reminder to spread the word that we are still looking for meat donations. Garry C. ordered fish for the banquet and it has arrived.

Fish Fry – NR


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Reid B. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Gerry R., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Vermillion 4H is looking for a basic outdoor survival instruction. They do not want a paid instructor. If anyone is interested please contact Dwayne D.


New Business:


  1. Clint J. (LDFGA member) gave an information presentation to the club on a disease called “Club Root.” Clint works for the Canola Council of Canada and felt that this is another avenue of education and control of a serious problem in the Agricultural Industry. This is an infectious plant disease that manifests itself in the soil, attacks and kills the root system in the canola plant, thus killing the plant. This plant disease has no cure at this time, but only has resistant type of canola to combat the disease. The reason that Clint has brought this issue to the membership is due to the fact that this disease is transmitted through the movement of soils. This can be transferred from one field to another by vehicle or ATV traffic. These are certainly methods of transport that our hunting community use, especially as it comes into hunting season. The LDFGA certainly promotes this educational / disease control issue for our membership and supports members to ask for permission to hunt on landowners land. This is a positive approach for hunter / landowner relations. The other thing that hunters can do is make sure that their vehicle is washed and cleaned of any residual soils prior to going out hunting on landowner property. Dwayne D. is asking the LDFGA membership to follow these recommendations and help to prevent the spread of this disease. Clint has some brochures on this disease, so if any member is interested in more info, they can contact Dwayne D. and he will put you in contact with Clint.
  2. Dwayne D. updated on AFGA Fall Meeting. Mentioned possibly sending a couple of members to their Casino Night in the future. Camp application deadline is December 25 2018.
  3. Larry C. and Dwayne D. updated on SWF Fall Meeting. Dwayne D. ran for Region 2 Director but the vote was split so no winner was declared. SWF head office is looking into how to proceed. Ian P. has taken on the SWF Wildlife Advisory position. Discussed Camo Day which is in honour of Saskatchewan Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Heritage Day on November 15 2018. The Wildlife Survey for SWF, which needs to be filled out as a branch, is due in January.
  4. Darwin G. and Dwayne D. updated on the Townhouse meeting in North Battleford, which they both attended on October 17 2018.


MOTION for adjournment by Brian S.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Joanna K., Larry C., Brian S., Reid B., Gerry R., Darwin G. and Clint J.

NEXT MEETING                               November 27, 2018                      7:30 PM               GRACE UNITED CHURCH