Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:35pm via ZOOM online.

Minutes: Presented minutes from Online ZOOM meeting April 28, 2020

MOTION by Andrew N., seconded Keith B., to adopt minutes from April 28, 2020 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Bill A. Carried.



Dwayne D. discussed about the recent firearms ban. AFGA sent out info on the Alberta Govt. whereby they are taking a stand against the Gun Ban. Reid B. and Mike H. were in a recent town hall phone call conference with the Alta Govt. pertaining to this. Mike H. have volunteered to be on a committee that with report to the Alta Govt. on this Gun Ban. Saskatchewan is looking at appointing their own provincial CFO (Chief Firearms Officer). CCFR is taking the government to court as well.


Committee Reports:

Memberships 1326 LDFGA, 641 Outdoor, 265 Indoor


Youth Outdoor Activity DayEvent has been cancelled due to COVID19.

Indoor Range Closed until further notice, due to COVID19. Plans to reopen are most likely under phase 4. Keith B. and Darwin G. are overseeing the maintenance being completed at the range, with social distancing being practiced. Dwayne D. has been in contact with a welder to get some things fixed. Janelle M. will give us a timeline when we can put the conveyor belt on a stand.

Outdoor Range The range was shut down for a brief 10 days due to COVID regulations. The range has been re-opened since May 15th with social distancing being practiced, and a maximum of 10 people allowed. Hand sanitizer is provided at the range. Members are encouraged to use while at the Outdoor Range. The range committee will agree upon a range clean-up date as well. It was also discussed that timbers are required at the back berm.  Time and date will be determined.

Conservation Camp The SWF and AFGA camps are cancelled due to COVID19.

Scholarships-   NR. Bill A. and Tawnya L. to make a social media post in regards to this.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie Project / Trout PondsFinal clean up the Foster property will be done shortly. The area where the water runs into the pond is clear, but the main part of the part of the pond is cloudy. PH will be taken. Larry C. recommended that we replace the top of the roof on the picnic/ shelter building at the MacDougall Pond. The shingles are in need of replacing. Larry C, suggested putting a metal roof as opposed to re-shingling it. Received quote from Windsor Plywood for the roofing materials, which is $1,800.40 which includes metal roofing and strapping. An email will be sent out to the volunteer membership to get volunteers to help with this project.

MOTION by Larry C. to order the materials, seconded by Curtis P., carried.

Trophies NR

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman ShowDwayne D. sent out bid documents to the Lloyd Exhibition and City of Lloydminster for a 3 year contract to host the LDFGA Gun & Outdoor Sportsman Show.

Archery Club / Youth Center The Lloydminster & Area Archers are offering to all LDFGA members, the use of the Outdoor FITA and Outdoor 3D Archery Ranges, for the rest of the summer and fall. LDFGA members do not require a LAA membership for this use of these facilities. For more info, you can go to Facebook and Look up the Lloydminster & Area Archers.

Banquet Possible online meeting in the near future.

Fish Fry –cancelled due to COVID19. Ticket refunds to be done at the store they were purchased.  Bill A. will follow up with the tickets he sold.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Curtis P. pay outstanding bills, seconded by Jeff F., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Mike H. and Garry C. are possibly interested in the mowing and weed whacking at the range.
  2. Follow up with Lloyd Roofing (Trophy sponsorship re: cheque.)
  3. Discussion regarding a mandatory orientation and/or exam before being able to purchase a range membership. This is still being looked into and considered. Mike H. forwarded a video to the executives and directors to watch that was from Sherwood Park Fish and Game.
  4. Staying in contact with Project Mapleseed to check the status of our shooting event scheduled for July 12, 2020. All Mapleseed Events up to May 31, 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID19. No further updates.
  5. Ab E. knows someone interested in purchasing the metal targets as a lot. Any members interested in purchasing them?
  6. Andrew N. has got together a list of signage at the Outdoor Range. Will work on getting new signage done.


New Business:

  1. Discussion was held on what e-mails are sent out to the LDFGA membership. Emails being sent to the members come primarily from head office, being AFGA and SWF. If a member or director would like to send an email out to the membership, it will be reviewed and a decision would be made to forward it on to the membership.
  2. Discussion about donating 1$/member to the CCFR legal fund in response to the recent federal gun ban. There are a number clubs both in Sask and Alta that are donating to this fund. Motion was made by Curtis P. to donate $1500.00 to the CCFR Legal Fund that is taking the Federal Government to court over the May 1/20 OIC Gun Ban. Second by Keith B. Motion was tabled until the June 23/20 meeting.
  3. Discussion was to reschedule the President’s June BBQ to the fall. The discussion was tabled to June 23 meeting to set a date.


MOTION for adjournment by Larry C.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Ab E., Jeff F., Keith B., Garry C., Andrew N., Bill A., Tawnya L., Curtis P., Mike H., Janelle M., Ian P., and Carlo M.



LDFGA Monthly Meeting              June 23, 2020                    7:30 PM               LDFGA Youth Center

(Providing Provincial Regulations allow this meeting to proceed)