President Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm at the Grace United Church.


Minutes: Presented minutes from February 28, 2017 meeting.

MOTION by Larry C., seconded Jeff F., to adopt minutes from February 28 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Terence H., carried.



  1. AFGA Spring meeting will be on April 8 in Vegreville. Interested attendees: Garry C., Dwayne D. and Gerry R.
  2. SWF meeting will be on May 6 in Medstead. Interested attendees: Dwayne D. and Larry C.
  3. AFGA is hold a measuring course in Innisfree April 8 & 9, $20.
  4. Dryland Fisheries sent a brochure of trout prices.
  5. AFGA gave report on AB government budget shortages concerning fish and wildlife.
  6. SWF sent thank you for youth camp donation.


Committee Reports:

Memberships Garry C. – 1197 LDFGA, 214 Indoor Range, 505 Outdoor Range.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayJune 24, 2017

Indoor Range Work bee was held March 18 & 19. Grand Re-Opening set for Sunday, May 7, afternoon. Will invite 4 Lane Sponsors. Daryl L. will donate food. Larry C. will check into event insurance.

We are required to keep a record of any members’ RPAL numbers who are using restricted guns. Gun shops and ranges to collect numbers. RPALS can also be emailed to

People are shooting roof beams. Needs to stop.

Outdoor Range Daryl L. willing to donate machinery to help repair backstops.

Spring clean up is set for May 6 and 7. Possibly spray coating on benches that Saturday evening. Gerald J. to check date.

Signs will be done by end of month.

Need to get a cost for bulletin board.

Discussed having a wind block of some kind; trees or barrier?

Conservation Camp 9 applicants.

MOTION by Gerald J. to send all applicants to camp if room provides, seconded by Darwin, carried.



Habitat NR

Hide Program Boxes will be collected when a bit dryer.

Trout PondsFinS Program fish to go to McDougall Pond when program is complete.


Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show NR

Archery Club / Youth Center iPad not working for internet connection. Will try MiFi rental for a month.

Gordon Leslie ProjectNR


Fish Fry – April 20, 2017. Volunteers for 10 am: Gerry R., Gerald J., Bill A., and Garry C. Volunteers for 3 pm: Dwayne D., Garry C., Warren S., Jeff F., Larry C. and Terence H.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Larry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Jeff F., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Need to install panic doors in Indoor range. Need to follow up on non-conformance items. Archery Club will look after Youth center building checks and documentation. Front entrance is a little tough to open for some kids.
  2. Dwayne D. will resend draft letter to the range committee for more feedback.
  3. Dwayne D. will book appointment to talk to SK MLA, Colleen Young.
  4. Camo Chair tickets about 25% sold. Will draw at Fish Fry. Dwayne D. will need all ticket books back by April 14.


New Business:

  1. Western Woods and Waters Magazine is wondering if our club is interested in receiving their magazine at a discount rate. Will email members the information.
  2. Gwen B. will be done her tenure as the LDFGA Admin, as her and Reid B. will be moving to Bonnyville. Her replacement starts training shortly.


MOTION for adjournment by Brian S.


Present at Meeting: Dwayne D, Gwen B, Reid B, Garry C, Brian H, Jeff F, Terence H, Warren S, Ab E, Darwin G, Brian S, Daryl L, Gerry R, Larry C, Gerald J and John P.




Next Meeting                                   April 25, 2017                    7:30 PM               GRACE UNITED CHURCH