Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:40pm via ZOOM online.

Minutes: Presented minutes from Online ZOOM meeting June 23, 2020

MOTION by Gerry R. to adopt minutes from June 23, 2020 meeting as presented. Seconded by Darwin G. Carried.

Presented and read minutes from Online ZOOM meeting August 5, 2020

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt minutes from August 5, 2020 meeting as presented. Seconded by Andrew N. Carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Darwin G. Carried.

Larry recommends the non-redeemable annual interest of $5,000 roll forward as it comes up for expiry on month end.

MOTION by Larry C. to roll forward with the non-redeemable annual interest, seconded by Garry C. Carried.



-Dwayne D. brought up that AFGA is having a scenic photo contest. The sponsorship of $250 will be paid shortly. The awards ceremony will not be happening, however they will still be awarding participants.

-SWF sent an email to Dwayne D. in regards to a new app that has been developed, called iNaturalist, in which it’s a free and fun educational app lead by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. This email is to be forwarded to the membership by Tawnya.

-Dwayne D. received an email from Travis Best in regards to floating docks that are for sale. Travis can be reached at 780-992-1793 if anyone is interested in purchasing a floating dock. We do not have any plans at the moment to install floating docks at our ponds.


Committee Reports:

Memberships 1501 LDFGA, 757 Outdoor, 285 Indoor. If a member has requested a receipt when renewing there PAL/RPAL, this inquiry will be forwarded to Tawnya and/or Dwayne. Some members have upgraded from regular to family, therefore a small balance is owed to AFGA. AFGA is also changing their affiliation/membership process this month end. PayPal on our website has intermittent issues, this will be monitored by Tawnya.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayEvent has been cancelled due to COVID19.

Indoor Range Dwayne D. said the Indoor Range is now open with COVID regulations in place. Thank you to Keith B. and Darwin G., and others such as Andrew N. Dwayne K. for the range modifications and Stuart Regnier for doing the welding. The construction of the back wall looks great. A big thank you to United Rentals for donating a welder to our range. Mike H. to obtain a value on the welder so that United Rentals can be properly acknowledged and thanked. Keith B. provided an update and mentioned that a few more cosmetic upgrades need to happen such as painting the exterior. He has also been checking the conveyor belt and so far it’s been working great. Keith B. also provided the range with COVID signs, hand sanitizer, and had proper social distancing in place such as having every second lane/bay open. Keith B. and Dwayne K. have opened the Indoor Range a few times this month, and it hasn’t been too busy. Tawnya will post on Facebook, Instagram, and the main page of the website that the Indoor Range is re-opened to gain interest. Darwin G. didn’t have anything further to add to Keith B.’s update. Dwayne D. thanked everyone for their hard work and time to making the Indoor Range a better place for our members.  RSO Update Dwayne D. asked Darwin G. if there has been any interest in hosting another RSO course, and Darwin G. said yes a couple guys have been asking. Keith B. mentioned the course should take a revamp before another course happens, such as a working schedule and what the expectations are. Dwayne D. asked in order to have the Indoor Range open more, how can we support the RSO’s? Do we pay for their course? Do we provide them with a free t-shirt, hat, or merchandise of their choice? If we do pay for the course, there will be expectations in place. Keith B. mentioned a sub-committee should be set up to discuss the options. Darwin G. and Andrew N. won’t be available in the next couple months, but after that they are open to meetings. Dwayne D. mentioned we should get a list of the names that are interested in becoming an RSO, then get dates together, then after that set expectations for both sides. Keith B., Darwin G., Mike H., and Andrew N. are to start a sub-committee to discuss these matters further.

Outdoor Range Dwayne D. mentioned timbers need to be put up on the back berm in the pistol bay, to stop the berm from sluffing down. An 8” culvert needs to be installed on the approach into the LDFGA property as well, hoping to install both the timbers and the culvert at the same time. A work-bee needs to be arranged to clean out the garage before winter time. There was a discussion about hydro seeding, sod, and top soil. There was an estimate for materials only, now a labour quote will be requested as well. In regards to the lawn, Mike H. mentioned he was either unavailable or the range was in use when he went there. Dwayne D. was wondering if  Round Up was used for weed control. If so, whipper snipping is more appropriate for that area where the Round Up was applied. Andrew N. and Mike H. rebuilt a pistol stand. Dwayne D. mentioned that a 5-10-15 meter target would be welcomed again at the range.

Conservation Camp Dwayne D. mentioned some of the conservation camps are partly opened with regulations in place. There are no major camps happening, just small groups with social distancing and COVID restrictions in place.

Scholarships-   Bill A. has no update on this. September 20th is the deadline. Bill A. asked if we have been getting any mail in regards to this, in which Larry C. replied no. Ab E. might have someone interested in this, will forward information to Bill A. Tawnya L. will update the website with the scholarship information seeing as the deadline is next month.


Habitat/Gordon Leslie Project / Trout Ponds Dwayne D. mentioned that he had an inquiry about hides, and will update if more information arises. Larry C. mentioned the roofing and painting went good at the McDougall pond, however there are no further updates since that. Keith B. said he will find time before fall to finish the upgrades there. Dwayne D. has requested feedback from members whether they catch something or nothing, however he has not received any update. He also mentioned that he will whipper snip at the Foster property sometime in September. Dwayne D. mentioned sonar should be done at the ponds with a couple of canoes, it won’t take much time with a few passes, and this can happen in September.

Trophies Ab E. mentioned it’s been quiet and there is no updates. It was discussed that the Wainwright hunt has been closed for the season. Priority will be given back, rather than moved up a priority.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman ShowDwayne D. received the quotes from the Lloyd Exhibition and City of Lloydminster for a 3 year contract to host the LDFGA Gun & Outdoor Sportsman Show. This will be awarded shortly. There was a discussion about the current COVID regulations and how it will affect us. Considering the Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show isn’t until January, we will proceed as normal with optimism and make decisions when the time comes up to start planning, as invitations get sent out in Oct/Nov.

Archery Club / Youth Center Dwayne D. provided an update that the Indoor Archery Range is back up and running with COVID restrictions, only 30 people are allowed inside the building with social distancing being practiced, as well as regular cleaning and sanitizing.  Reminder that the Lloydminster & Area Archers are offering to all LDFGA members, the use of the Outdoor FITA and Outdoor 3D Archery Ranges, for the rest of the summer and fall. LDFGA members do not require a LAA membership for this use of these facilities.

Banquet Dwayne D. will call a banquet meeting for early September. We will be watching COVID regulations to plan accordingly.

Fish Fry – Bill A. said there is nothing new to report. He was going to ask Janelle M. for an update.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Garry C. pay outstanding bills, seconded by Andrew N., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Andrew N. provided an update for Project Mapleseed that took place on July 12, 2020 at the Outdoor Range. About 7-8 people attended and it went very well. A couple people received their Rifleman patch. Social distancing was maintained.
  2. Andrew N. has got together a list of signage at the Outdoor Range. We are still working on consolidating the signage. He sent an email to Dwayne D., Reid B., and Mike H. in regards to this.
  3. Ab E. has not heard back about the metal targets being purchased, as we would like to get these sold. Pictures need to be taken of the targets as well.
  4. Dwayne D. discussed the FINS program at Bishop Lloyd School with Deryk Hyland, as we passed a motion to donate $1,000. SWF will send an invoice to us in December for this donation. The school is looking into a grant of $500, and fundraise for the last $200 they need. Saskatchewan and Alberta fishing regulations will apply, as the fish has been released into the Saskatchewan water body.


New Business:

  1. Mike H. provided an update on the cancelled Pistol Course. He mentioned in order for the course to proceed that we needed a minimum of 6 people, and only 3 people had signed up for the course. It was also noted that the RFMA had troubles with their online registration, so that possibly could have affected the attendance as well. Tawnya L. sent out an email to the membership to email Mike H. directly to register, in which he received no emails. Between the course being close to the black badge and the registration issues, it didn’t seem to work out. However with some more notice, proper advertising, and with a working online registration, Keith B. mentioned we should book for early spring.
  2. Andrew N. provided a Black Badge update that took place on August 8-9. Dave was the instructor and it went very well, everyone listened and took instruction. There was talk of future RSO’s as well. Dwayne K. sets up the Black Badge course, possibly in the spring, and Andrew N. will be following up with this.
  3. Garry C. brought forward if we wanted to have our next meeting in the church, that the COVID regulations will have to be practiced as per Saskatchewan Health Authority (signing in, answering questions, wear masks, social distance, sanitize). We had a small discussion and the majority of the group felt most comfortable with Zoom for our next meeting. In September we will discuss this matter again.
  4. Keith B. mentioned he will be purchasing more materials for the Indoor Range, and suggested a Sub-Committee meeting for the ORPS events. He will get this set up.

MOTION for adjournment by Bill A. at 9:20pm.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Ab E., Keith B., Garry C., Andrew N., Bill A., Tawnya L., Mike H., Darwin G., Ian P., Carlo M., and Gerry R.



LDFGA Monthly Meeting              September 29, 2020                       7:30 PM               ZOOM Online