Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 8:20pm at Grace United Church.

Minutes: Presented minutes from November 27, 2018 meeting.

MOTION by Jeff F., seconded Bill A., to adopt minutes from November 27 meeting, carried.

Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Gerald J., carried.

Correspondence:  Discussed the Trespass Act.

Committee Reports:

Memberships – Curtis P. -rough numbers for membership to date are 140 LDFGA, 281 Indoor, 757 Outdoor

Discussed how to increase membership. Ian P. suggested having a board with photos from the Outdoor Range remodel at the Gun Show. Brian S. mentioned not for profit advertising spots on Wild TV. Members to send Joanna K. any photos of the Outdoor Range remodel to the LDFGA email.

Fundraising – NR

Youth Outdoor Activity Day – NR

Indoor Range – Discussion regarding the need for more RSOs to open the range and the possibility of having a schedule. Discussed ideas for having the range open more. Curtis P. and Brian H. will contact the RSOs and look further into this. 

Outdoor Range –The NO PETS ALLOWED sign is installed.

Conservation Camp – Dwayne D. received a phone call from Hutley Sheppard regarding a “Shed Hunting” fundraiser that donates the proceeds to various causes. They have chosen the LDFGA and would like the money to go towards sending youth to camp. Their Facebook page is Alberta Hunting Addicts.

MOTION by Carlo M., to accept Alberta Hunting Addicts proposal to donate proceeds to LDFGA to be put towards sending youth to camp, seconded by Jeff F.

Scholarships-   Bill A. contacted the recipients regarding banquet attendance. They are unsure as of when he talked to them.

Merchandise – NR

Habitat/Gordon Leslie Project –NR

Hide Program –No program this year.

Trout Ponds – NR

Trophies – Ab E. updated that the trophies would be ready the week of January 14th and that the cost of the plaques will be about $800 less than last year. Discussed offering Ken with Moonlight Photography a couple of complimentary banquet tickets as a thank you for judging the photography contest. Ab E. would like Ian P. to become certified with Boon and Crocket.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show-   Angie J. updated that there are 56 vendors, 3 of which are new,  and 210 tables booked. We are down 9 vendors from last year. Angie J. will call “The Morning News” and the “Weekly Bean” to advertise the gun show. Dwayne D. will do the radio spot on January 16th. Dwayne D. has booked the ads on the radio and they are starting to run.

Archery Club / Youth Center – Youth programs are in full swing. The Grand Prix shoot over the weekend went well.

Banquet – Dwayne D. confirmed turkeys from Sobeys. Table setup will be done on Saturday morning as there is a function in the stockade the Friday night. Volunteers needed to help Saturday at 1pm (banquet starts at 5pm so should try to be done by 4pm). Dwayne D. is looking into getting a whole pig. We have a full bear and antelope. Beef will be from the Lloydminster Exhibition, possibly prime rib. Carol S and Pam R. will do seating night of banquet. Dwayne D. talked to African Dreams and they are unable to come to the banquet.  If anyone has any silent auction items, or knows of anyone who would like to donate, please contact Earl K. Membership Incentive and Door Prize will be same as last year. Curtis with Exsile Reloaded will be doing a similar donation as he did last year. Dwayne D. confirmed that the auctioneer is booked.

Fish Fry – Tickets will not be sold at the Gun Show or at the Banquet.

Bills to be Paid: 

MOTION by Brian S. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Curtis P., carried.

Old Business:

1. Janelle Mysko presented a proposal to teach hunter safety and RPAL courses at the Indoor Range/Youth Centre. She would like to make a donation from each course to the LDFGA.

MOTION by Ian P. to approve Janelle M. to conduct Hunter Safety, PAL, and RPAL courses at the LDFGA Indoor Range and/or LDFGA Youth Centre with a $5/student donation for Hunter Safety and $10/student donation for PAL and RPAL, seconded by Curtis P., carried.

2. Discussed the two other groups that requested the use of the LDFGA facilities.

New Business:

1. Discussed hosting another Project Mapleseed with the possibility of it being a 2 day event. Andrew N. mentioned an event for experts called Rim Fire Precision Series, he will acquire more information regarding this.

2. Dwayne D. discussed Foster Property clean up this spring. There is approximately 2 weekends worth of work to be done. PWM will put a steel bin on site so there is a possibility of making some money for SWF with that. SWF will cover all of the costs for this property clean up. Need to reach out to other Region 2 clubs to help with this project.

3. Larry C. discussed upcoming SWF and AFGA Conventions. Ian P. and Larry C. will be attending SK. Gerry R. and Davin R. will be attending AB.

4. Dwayne D. presented Darwin G. with a donation receipt in the amount of $5000 for donation of bobcat use for the Outdoor Range remodel. A donation receipt was also sent to Precision Contractors in the amount of $7000.

Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Joanna K., Reid B., Bill A., Carlo M., Brian S., Ab E., Angeline J., Gerry R., Darwin G., John P., Jeff F., Curtis P., Gerald J., Janelle M., Ian P., Jim S., Carol S. and Andrew N..

LDFGA Meeting      January 29, 2019    7:30 PM    GRACE UNITED CHURCH