Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:31pm at Grace United Church

Minutes: Presented minutes from January 7, 2020 meeting.

MOTION by Bill A., seconded Daryl L., to adopt minutes from January 7, 2020 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Ab E., carried.




Garry C. discussed the news that 33 people are facing charges in regards to illegal fish trafficking investigation in Northern Alberta.

Committee Reports:

Memberships 939 LDFGA, 439 Outdoor, 186 Indoor

Dwayne D. mentioned that he and Joanna K. will be doing a ‘Membership Sales’ presentation to Prophet River staff on February 10th 2020.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayJoanna K. updated information on application and poster. It is ready for when it is time to start advertising. Bill A. has checked with Shep’s and they are good to go for accepting applications for 2020. Will start to advertise and promote in April.

Indoor Range The conveyor belt is at the range and is needing to be installed. Darwin G. is organizing this.

Outdoor Range The electrical equipment still needs to be removed from the IPSC storage building. Talk to Randy N. or Dwayne K. to help out with that. Encouraged members to shovel sidewalk and shooting areas.

Conservation Camp 7 of 8 kids attended the Banquet. We will hopefully be sending 2 kids to AB and 2 kids to SK with the Shed Hunting donation from 2019. Dwayne will be doing a presentation at St. Walburg banquet re: Conservation Camps.

Scholarships-   NR

MerchandiseBring buckles to the 2021 Banquet to sell

Habitat/Gordon Leslie ProjectNR

Hide Program Some people have been inquiring. There is no Hide Program in effect.

Trout Ponds FINS equipment was given to Shawn M at ES Laird School.

TrophiesTrophies looked great and the presentation went well. Prices for sponsorship are the same as last year. Joanna K. has invoiced sponsors.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show–   258 tables were sold with 67 vendors (3 no shows). Discussion regarding the no shows. The questionnaires given to vendors still need to be gone through. Need more volunteers to help with take down end of day Sunday (10-12 people would be ideal). Larry C. discussed rough financial numbers. The contract is up with the Servus Sports Center therefore we will need to send out for tender.

Archery Club / Youth Center Youth Programs are up and running.  The Annual 3D Indoor Archery shoot was held at the Lloyd Exhibition Sask Building on January 11th 2020.

Banquet Program went smoothly. Heather did a great job as MC. There were some leftovers that were split between the men’s shelter and the Interval Home. The live auction went well and the stuffed animals were a great addition. The fish was fantastic. Could have used more volunteers at the end of the night for clean up. The bar was very successful and the bartenders did a great job as usual. The entertainment, Matt Gore, was fantastic! Everyone seemed to really enjoy his performance and he was very engaging with the audience. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers that helped prep and work the night of. Larry C. discussed rough financial numbers. The Debit/CC machine was a great addition to the event. A banquet committee wrap up meeting will be held at a later date.

Fish Fry –April 23, 2020. The fish has been ordered. Bill A. has posters done up and passed them out to a few people to share. Tickets are ready for when it is time to sell.



Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Curtis P. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Garry C., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Gerald J. is donating a rifle to the club for raffle. Dwayne started the application but needs more information. Probably will draw the winner at the Presidents BBQ.
  2. Contacted Mark Fawcett and he will try to get the lead cleaned out during the Indoor Range construction.
  3. Discussed online memberships.
  4. Bill A. has been in contact with Clint Chocan and he has a school group that would like to use the LDFGA facilities for educational purposes. The original January date was cancelled and they will look at rescheduling for March or April.
  5. SK Bird Workshop will be held on February 28, 2020. Check out the website for the on-line registration.
  6. A volunteer(s) are needed to take over mowing at the range. Discussed possible quad or tractor purchase. Keep an eye out for auctions, etc.
  7. On March 6th E.S Laird school group are looking to use the LDFGA facilities. Looking for a volunteer (RSO) for pellet gun shooting. Keith B. said he might be available.


New Business:

  1. Brief discussion regarding SWF and AFGA Fall Meetings.
  2. Discussed upcoming SK and AB Conventions.
  3. Andrew N. discussed Sunday July 12, 2020 as a possible date for a Project Mapleseed event.
  4. Keith B. discussed gun check issues at the 2020 Gun Show.
  5. Discussion regarding petition re: Gun Bans. Joanna K. to post on social media.
  6. Larry C. discussed committee and subcommittee volunteer openings. He will email Joanna K. this list and she will enter it into a spreadsheet.
  7. Outdoor range silhouette targets to be sold.
  8. Joanna K. announced that she will be stepping down as LDFGA Administrator due to her family relocating. She will help to train a new individual for when it is time for her leave.


MOTION for adjournment by Curtis P.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Larry C., Joanna K., Bill A., Ab E., Gerry R., Jeff F., Curtis P., Mike H., Keith B., Garry C., Wayne B., Daryl L., Curly H., Reid B., Andrew N., and Carlo M.




LDFGA Monthly Meeting              February 25, 2020                           7:30 PM               Grace United Church