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Apr. 24/2017

Att: All LDFGA Indoor Pistol Range & Outdoor Range (FOB) Members & Gun Shop Owners

Re: Federal Firearms Act Requirements In Operation of Gun Ranges

As LDFGA is the owner and operator of two shooting ranges at our Gully Lake property, whereby any members that are shooting Restricted and/or Prohibited Weapons at theses ranges, it is required by law that we maintain a current and up to date, Restricted-Pal list of the members using the ranges. This list will not be in the public domain and is now part of the requirement of purchasing either of our Indoor Pistol or Outdoor Range membership. LDFGA Executive and RSO’s will also be asking R-PAL members that use these ranges to provide their R-PAL at the range or you can e-mail it to lloyddfga@gmail.com.  Below is a copy of the law within the Canadian Firearms Act.


  • 14(1)The operator of an approved shooting club shall keep records, with respect to the following users of restricted firearms or prohibited firearms, that include
    • (a)with respect to a member or officer of the club
      • (i)his or her name, address and phone number,
      • (ii)his or her membership card number, and
      • (iii)the number of his or her license to possess firearms or, if one does not exist, his or her date of birth; and
    • (b)with respect to a guest of a member or officer of the club
      • (i)the information required in subparagraph (a)(i), and
      • (ii)the number of his or her license to possess firearms, if one exists.
    • (2)Every record made under subsection (1) must be maintained for at least six years.
    • (3)At the chief firearms officer’s request, the operator of the approved shooting club shall submit to the chief firearms officer a report containing all or any requested part of the information described in subsection (1).

This R-PAL requirement for shooting range operations, is not a new law. Please note that the LDFGA does not require the regular PAL from any member. Should you have any questions on this please feel free to call Reid Ballek (306-821-2859) or myself at 780-808-6420.

Reminder- You must be a LDFGA/Range Member to enter and shoot at either of our ranges. No Guests are allowed to enter the Outdoor Range. Youth LDFGA members must be 10 yrs. of age to enter the Outdoor Range and be in direct, arms length supervision, from the LDFGA Outdoor Range member (parent) of that youth. The Indoor Range does allow for a regular LDFGA member to shoot as a Pistol Range Guest, 3 times in a calendar year and must under direct supervision of the Pistol Range member and RSO on duty.

Dwayne Davison