Blue/Green Algae had been reported at the Jack McDougal Pond east of Lloydminster.  The Fisheries Biologist in Meadow Lake has been contacted and this is his response.

Blue-green algae naturally grow with some (but not all) producing toxins.  For more background, here is a link to an information sheet regarding blue-green algae or cyanobacteria.

Provided the fish are handled (e.g. kept on ice etc.) and prepared properly (e.g. fully cooked) – they can be consumed in moderation, but I’d suggest skinning the fish and avoid eating the internal organs.   With respect to other water activities here is another link you may find of interest:

If someone is experiencing health symptoms related to potential blue-green algae – call Healthline 811 or contact a healthcare provider.  Also, as a reminder pets and livestock are also at risk of experiencing health issues if exposed to affected water.