Meeting called to order by President Dwayne Davison @ 7:05 pm.

Dwayne Davison read through the 2020 AGM Minutes from January 7, 2020.

MOTION by Brian Sawtell to adopt the 2020 AGM minutes as read, seconded by Gerry Russell, carried.


Financial Statement was presented by Larry Chambers.

Overall the LDFGA had a good year despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Discussion regarding not as many expenses will be coming up in the next fiscal year, Bare in mind we will not be receiving revenue for these cancelled events in 2021, due to the cancellation of the gun show and banquet, etc., however  our affiliation fees in Alberta have increased and the 2021 membership prices do reflect that.. Grass seeding of the Outdoor Range will take place in the 2021 budget. Our memberships are up. The 2020 gun show was up from the previous year. Marsha (Accountant) from the SWF Head Office, will be sent the 2020 fiscal year financial statement to review.

Larry Chambers moved the adoption of 2020 Financial Statement (November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020), seconded by Garry Cunningham, carried.

2021 Budget was presented by Larry Chambers.

This budget is based on 1500 members, and mostly the same in/out as last year. Affiliation fees will be higher this year. We are allocating money to advertise on radio and social media to promote membership. We will run a slight deficit due to lack of our main fundraising functions such as the gun show and banquet that have been cancelled because of Covid-19. We will be looking at doing some smaller fund raisers throughout the year that will work within the confines of Covid 19 Regs. In doing so, we will work towards attempting to balance off the negative (-$5550.00) 2021 budget. The outdoor range budget was increased due to the cost of fobs. We will look into further fundraising such as “line cards/sticker draws”.

Motion by Carlo Monette to allocate $750 in advertising ($500 radio/$250 social media), seconded by Keith Bailey, carried.

Motion by Brian Sawtell to accept the 2021 fiscal year budget and have Marsha Lowry (Accountant) SWF Head Office review the Financials of the club, seconded by Mike Hynek, carried.


The following nominations were presented:

Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers to serve out their final year:

President: Dwayne Davison
Vice President: Reid Ballek

Secretary: Tawnya Lorenz

Treasurer: Larry Chambers

Past President- Bill Armstrong


New Two Year Directors

Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers to serve out the upcoming 2 year Director Positions:

Garry Cunningham, Jeff Fenske, Eugene Hallan, Terence Harbin, Curtis Paterson, Daryl Luchynski, and Andrew Nilsson.

All 7 positions filled by acclamation. Note that there is one Director Position that was not filled and that can be done at a later date, should an individual(s) come forward and submit for this open position.


One Year Directors

Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers to serve out their final year:

Keith Bailey, Mike Hynek, Janelle Mysko, Ian Peters, Gerry Russell, Brian Sawtell, Carlo Monette, and Darwin Girdauckis


Nominations Cease by Larry Chambers, seconded by Ian Peters, carried.


President Dwayne Davison thanked the 2020 Executive and Directors for their time and dedication towards the Lloydminster & District Fish and Game Association and looks forward to working with the 2021 Executive and Directors.


Next AGM will be held on January 4, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the Grace United Church.


Motion by Garry Cunningham to adjourn.


Members present at meeting: Dwayne Davison, Larry Chambers, Tawnya Lorenz, Bill Armstrong, Brian Sawtell, Ab England, Gerry Russell, Reid Ballek, Andrew Nilsson, Curtis Paterson, Janelle Mysko, Ian Peters, Mike Hynek, Keith Bailey, Garry Cunningham, Terence Harbin, and Carlo Monette, and Stan Daniel.


Not present: Jeff Fenske