The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Offers an
Environmentally Friendly Solution for Unneeded Guns


For Release March 11, 2019

With spring cleaning on everyone’s mind, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation wants to remind
people across Saskatchewan of our Guns for Habitat Program, an opportunity to turn unneeded
firearms into habitat for wildlife across our province.

For over 20 years, SWF’s Guns for Habitat initiative has provided individuals the opportunity to donate
firearms for a good cause and raising almost $80,000.00 in the process. Firearms in good working
condition will be sold with the proceeds supporting SWF’s Habitat Trust program which acquires and
enhances habitat for wildlife including species at risk. A tax-deductible receipt is issued to the donor
upon sale of the firearm. If the firearm cannot be sold, it may be deactivated for use in firearms safety

“Funds raised are often matched, and in some cases quadrupled, to secure critical wildlife habitat in
our province,” said Darren Newberry, Habitat Coordinator for the SWF.
The SWF will make arrangements to pick up firearms anywhere across Saskatchewan.
The SWF does not accept handguns or prohibited firearms.

For more information, or to participate in the Guns for Habitat program, please contact us at
306 692 8812 or email: