Special LDFGA Membership Meeting

Where: LDFGA Youth Center

When: Wednesday June 13/18

Time: 7:30 pm

    The LDFGA Executive has been in discussion with the Sask Chief Firearms Officer, concerning the re-certification of our Outdoor Range. In the range’s current status, it does not comply with the Canadian Firearms Act “Range Design and Construction Guidelines.” The problem is with the difference in the higher elevation of the 200 yd. and the 300 yd. targets, in comparison to the elevation of the muzzle elevation. There are some other issues that we have addressed within our discussions with the Sask CFO. A proposal for rectifying these issues was sent to the Sask CFO and a site visit was done. At this time the LDFGA Executive is calling for a Special Membership Meeting to seek approval for the proposed changes to the Outdoor Range. All those members interested in the proposed changes to the Outdoor Range, are urged to attend this meeting. Thank You.

LDFGA Executive