The Adult Invasive Mussel Monitoring (AIMM) Program is a partnership project with non-government organizations (NGOs) and agencies to monitor waterbodies throughout Saskatchewan for aquatic invasive species and adult invasive mussels. It is co-ordinated by the Government of Saskatchewan’s Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch. Monitoring adult invasive mussels such as zebra and quagga mussels, and other aquatic invasive species is important to early detection in Saskatchewan.

This protocol was developed by combining materials from Wisconsin, California, Alberta and British Columbia, with the goal of having a pragmatic, cost-effective monitoring program that provides a valuable tool for widespread early detection of waterbodies throughout Saskatchewan. The objective is to establish partnerships with community organizations, including local stewardship, administrative, community and business groups, to provide valuable local involvement, information and data in a co-ordinated and collaborative manner.

This protocol and the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre’s (SKCDC) data entry protocol, reports three types of monitoring: Human-Built Structures (e.g. docks, buoys, water intake pipes, etc.); Natural Shoreline Survey (e.g. driftwood, rocks, etc.); and AIS Substrate Samplers. The new reporting form provides an easy-to-use tool that the general public, NGOs and other agencies can use to record their monitoring efforts in Saskatchewan waterbodies. If you find evidence of invasive mussels or other AIS, please call 24-hour TIP line at 1-800-667-7561.

For more information about the AIMM program, see the attached PDF: