Garry C. called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm at the Youth Centre.


Minutes: Presented minutes from August 29, 2017 meeting.

MOTION by Tyler V., seconded Jeff F., to adopt minutes from August 29 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Joanna K. to adopt financial report, seconded by Bill A., carried.



  1. Discussed email from Robin B. regarding Zone 5 meeting on October 21, 2017 at 10am at the Sherwood Park Clubhouse. Anyone interested in attending please contact Dwayne D.
  2. Region 2 meeting will be held in Cutknife on October 21st 2018.
  3. Discussed correspondence regarding AFGA 2018 Conference. LDFGA can send 8 delegates.
  4. Received email from City of Lloydminster concerning bid for 2020 Saskatchewan Summer Games. They would like to use the LDFGA Outdoor Range for shooting FITA style archery and would also like to utilize the Youth Center during the event.



Committee Reports:

Memberships Gary C. –1558 LDFGA, 273 Indoor Range, 759 Outdoor Range.

Garry C. discussed the possibility of raising regular membership fees. Garry C. presented a spreadsheet with a breakdown of revenue and costs for each area of membership as well as a comparison of LDFGA membership fees to other club membership fees was presented.

MOTION by Garry C. to raise Regular Membership fees by $5/year and Family Membership fees by $5/year as of January 1st 2018, seconded by Tyler V., carried.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayNR

Indoor Range We are required to keep a record of any members’ RPAL numbers who are using restricted guns. Gun shops and ranges to collect numbers. RPALS can also be emailed to

Outdoor Range Sponsor signs need to be completed. Follow up with cost for message board. Gongs have been installed at 200 & 300 yds.

Conservation Camp NR

Scholarships-   Application deadline was September 20th 2017. There are 5 applications that will need to be adjudicated by a committee. Applicants chosen must have assurance that they will be attending an Environmental Program. There will be 2 Scholarships given which will be announced at the Family Wildlife & Awards Banquet on January 27th 2018.


Habitat Cairn was installed at the Mickey Foster property on August 30th 2017. A volunteer crew will need to be organized to clean-up the Foster property, this will possibly be done in the spring.

Hide Program LDFGA is in need of a volunteer to take over the hide box program.

Trout PondsDwayne D. is waiting on a cost estimate to fix MacDougall Pond parking lot. Dwayne D. is discussing with a contractor to figure out the best solution for the parking lot.


Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show   NR

Archery Club / Youth Center Youth program registration were done.

Gordon Leslie ProjectNR

BanquetDiscussed minutes from committee meeting on September 14, 2017. Garry C. discussed the ¼ page ad, which will be in the newspaper’s fall insert and will include a request for appetizer and raffle item donations.  Daryl L. discussed possible geese donation for the banquet. Daryl L. will be taking over the Photography display. Larry C. has booked the musical group Mahoney, with a $500 deposit, for banquet on January 27th 2018.

MOTION by Garry C. to accept Mahoney as the entertainment for the 2018 Family Wildlife & Awards Banquet, with a cost of under $3000, seconded by Gerry R., carried.

Garry C. discussed the yearly membership draw and door prize that is given out at the banquet.

MOTION by Garry C. to have a membership draw and door prize, with a total cost of up to $500, at the 2018 Family Wildlife & Awards Banquet, seconded by Tyler V., carried.

Fish Fry – NR



Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Gerry R. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Daryl L., carried.



Old Business:

  1. Gary B. and Dwayne D. will see that the panic doors are installed at the Indoor range. Need to follow up on non-conformance items at Youth Center. Archery Club will look after building checks and documentation. Dwayne D. will discuss deficiencies and work with others to get this complete.
  2. Youth Center roof repair is not finalized with who can supply material and labour. Dwayne D. has talked with contractor and is waiting on the proper screws.
  3. Bill A. met and discussed the NASP program with Lloydminster Comp. High School administration. They will let the LDFGA know when the NASP program is up and running.


New Business:

  1. Tyler V. will postpone his presentation about the CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights) to October 31st 2017 meeting.
  2. Joanna K. to add job and position descriptions to the LDFGA website.


MOTION for adjournment by Jeff F.


Present at Meeting: Joanna K., Jeff F., Bill A., Garry C., Tyler V., Daryl L. and Gerry R.




NEXT MEETING                               October 31, 2017                            7:30 PM               LDFGA Youth Center