Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:38 pm at Grace United Church.

Minutes: Presented minutes from November 2, 2017 meeting.
MOTION by Brian S., seconded Jeff F., to adopt minutes from November 2 meeting, carried.

Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Gerry R., carried.

Gary Bosch discussed his experience at the World Archery Championship that was held on in September 2017 in France. The 2019 World Championship will be held in Lac La Biche, AB. Larry C. presented Gary B. with a cheque for $1000.00 to help cover costs for travel to the World Championship. Garry C. discussed the possibility of putting a story in the paper about Gary B. and the World Championship.

Committee Reports:

Memberships – Yearly membership mail out has been completed and mailed out as of November 30th 2017.

Fundraising – NR

Youth Outdoor Activity Day – NR

Indoor Range – The majority of the blinds have been installed and feedback has been good on the increased temperature in the range. Some of the blinds were made incorrectly and the manufacturer has been notified. Discussed putting a different type of steel for the backstop in one lane for shooting 223 rifles. Tyler V. will look into this. The Scouts visited the range and had a very successful training day.

Outdoor Range – Range certification has been extended to April 30, 2018. Dwayne D. updated on the progress of the certification and what still needs to be dealt with. Landowner easements are partially completed. Signs will need to be put in place, on the range road, notifying traffic of shooting activity. The LDFGA will provide these signs and the RM will install them.

Conservation Camp – NR

Scholarships- NR

Merchandise – Dwayne D. emailed SWF regarding signs.

Habitat – NR

Hide Program – Larry C. updated on the hide program. There are 3 hide boxes out and the locations are behind the Lloydminster Animal Hospital, at the entrance to the City of Lloydminster landfill and on Main Street in Lashburn. Volunteers will be required to help empty the boxes.

Trout Ponds – NR

Trophies – Ab E. updated on the number of entries to date and will be finalizing the trophy sponsors.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show – Angeline J. updated on the number of tables and vendors signed up to date. There are 159 tables and 42 vendors so far with more to come. Ab E. brought up a discussion regarding tickets for the local gun shops to use for advertising and customer appreciation.

Archery Club / Youth Center – NR

Gordon Leslie Project – Garry C. went to look at the property and updated on the condition of the trees.

Banquet – Banquet planning meeting to be determined. Advertising to begin after Christmas.

Fish Fry – NR

Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Larry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Brian S., carried.

Old Business:
1. Tyler V. shared his presentation about the CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights). For more information visit www.firearmrights.ca.
2. Youth Centre roof repair has been started. Weather has put a damper on progress, work will resume again this week. Dwayne D. will send a letter to AFGA Zone 5 to apply for financial assistance on the roof repair once the final costs are known.

New Business:
1. The 2020 Summer Games are set to be hosted by the city of Lloydminster. Dwayne D. discussed having the Archery portion of the games at the Outdoor Range. The range would be closed to members for 3-4 days.
2. AGM will be on January 2, 2018. Discussed needing a nominating committee. Gerry R., Dwayne D. and Garry C. volunteered to be on the committee.

MOTION for adjournment by Tyler V.

Present at Meeting: Joanna K., Gary C., Wayne B., Daryl L., Gerry R., Brian S., Angeline J., Pat T., Larry C., Ab E., Gary B., Tyler V., Jeff F. and Dwayne D.

(Regular meeting to follow at 7:30PM)