Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm at the Legion.


Minutes: Reviewed minutes from February 23, 2016 meeting.

Error – Under Bills to be Paid, Dwayne D. bought a liquor licence; not liquor.

MOTION by Brian H., seconded by Jeff F., to adopt revised minutes from February 23 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Terence H., carried.



  1. Letter from T.J. Schwanky from AFGA. Update on Wildlife Trust Fund. Video of properties acquired in 2015 at www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1L3VI99NJw
  2. Thank you letter from Larry Chambers for flowers and support.


Committee Reports:

Memberships Garry C. – 1327 LDFGA, 250 Indoor Range, 514 Outdoor Range.

4 people have purchased memberships online so far.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayJune 25, 2016. Dwayne will write letter to School Division for use of bus.

Indoor Range Bathroom is 100% done. There is still a leak under water hydrant. Will fix after thaw.

Track System has been ordered. Curtis P. will check into a back up place for the Track to be delivered. Will need a forklift.

There is interest in shooting lane sponsorship for Target Retrieval System. $2500 per lane.

Larry C. will supply grass seed at cost for alongside road to the Indoor range and around parking lot.

Outdoor Range Need to get other sponsor signs done.

Range will be closed Friday, April 29 for inspection. Range Clean up is April 30 and May 1. Boy Scouts confirmed for Saturday.

Keva Concrete is booked for June 13.

LAA need to know dollar amount for Internet and installation.

Lock on gate is broken. New one is ordered. Bumper pad will be added on gate to prevent door slamming shut and possibly put a concrete walkway under gate so members don’t have to jump through mud.

Conservation Camp 7 Applicants so far. We will sponsor 4 AB and 3 SK.

Presentation about camps will be given to Rotary Club.



Hide Program Hides are gone. Boxes shut for season.

Trout Ponds NR

TrophiesTrican doesn’t want to sponsor a trophy anymore.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show NR

Archery Club / Youth Center Still lots of interest from schools.

Gordon Leslie ProjectNR

BanquetReceived last outstanding raffle cheque.

Fish Fry – April 21, 2016. 78 tickets sold so far. Tickets are available at Shep’s Sports, Magnum Guns and Exsile Outdoors. Posters are being distributed. Set up is at 10 am and food preparation is at 3 pm. Larry C. will make up the mix for fish. Dwayne D., Daryl L., Jeff F., Terence H., Reid B., and Gerry R. will help with preparations.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Garry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Jeff F., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Panic doors are not a requirement in the front of archery building. Down range doors need to be unbolted while building is in use and knobs need to be changed to quarter turn handles. Dwayne D. will coordinate.
  2. Discussed getting Hunter’s education course through LDFGA. There is a SK 2 week course in Regina then have to host a course with a certified instructor.
  3. Motion on removing age restriction tabled definitely by Trevor D.
  4. Discussed having a sign to mark our location on 303. LAA is interested in putting up a sign.


New Business:

  1. Set up a committee to review ranges consisting of a collective from the executive, RSOs, indoor and outdoor members and LAA. Safety, operation strategy and infractions will be discussed. Dwayne D. will draft up a letter. Interested members: Jeff F., Mike R., Trevor D., Gerry R., Terence H., Reid B., Dwayne D., Curtis P., and Garry C.
  2. Committee to review Charter: Trevor D., Reid B., Dwayne D., Gerry R. and Larry C.
  3. RSO course should run even with minimal people. Brian Hemsworth will make a list of interested people.
  4. Need to sign a new Facility Agreement with LAA.
  5. Meetings need to be kept short.

MOTION by Trevor D. to keep meetings under 2.5 hours, seconded by Gerry R., carried.


MOTION for adjournment by Gerry R.


Present at Meeting: Dwayne D, Gwen B, Reid B, Larry C, Garry C, Wayne B, Andrew N, Brian H, John P, Heather H, Mike R, Gerry R, Trevor D, Curtis P, Terence H, Daryl L and Jeff F.



NEXT MEETING                April 26, 2016                    7:30 PM               Legion Hall