Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm at Grace United Church.

Minutes: Presented minutes from January 30, 2018 meeting.

MOTION by Jeff F., seconded Curtis P., to adopt minutes from January 30 meeting, carried.

Financial Report:

MOTION by Jeff F. to adopt financial report, seconded by Terence H., carried.

Correspondence: NR

Committee Reports:

Memberships Curtis P. – 1044 LDFGA, 200 Indoor, 446 Outdoor. Curtis P. is the new Membership Chair Person.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayNR

Indoor Range The Family & Friends Indoor Shooting Event was held on Feb 24th. It was a successful event with a good attendance. A thank you to MGO for supplying ammunition for the event. Discussed possibly hosting another event like this in the future.

The propane consumption at the range is much less as compared to this time last year. The updates, especially the blinds, have helped with this. There are a few maintenance items that were addressed such as the track system sticking on some lanes, the panic doors, and the back wall.

Outdoor Range Range certification needs to be completed by April 30, 2018. Dwayne D. updated on the progress of the certification and what still needs to be dealt with. Road signs have not been installed by the RM of Britannia yet, Dwayne D. will contact them for an update. The backstops at the 200 and 300 will need to be re-done. Spring Clean-Up dates need to be finalized. Dwayne D. will look into getting a sign for when the range is closed for maintenance.

MOTION by Reid B. to spend up to $700 to replace power tools at the Youth Center, seconded by Brian S., tabled by Reid B. until March 27, 2018.

Conservation Camp Larry C. sent letters out to all of the LDFGA Youth members. Dwayne D. discussed the tour given of the Hannin Creek Conservation School.

Scholarships-   NR

MerchandiseWayne B. updated that there are quite a few briefcase bags left over from the 2012 Convention. He will bring them to the next meeting for anyone who would like one.

HabitatDwayne D. will do up an agenda of what needs to be done for clean up at the Foster property. A work bee will need to be assembled to complete this later in the year. SWF will create a budget for this clean-up project.

Hide ProgramHide boxes need to be picked up.

Trout PondsNR


Gun and Outdoor Sportsman ShowThe winner of the gun draw chose the cash and Larry C. awarded him with the cheque earlier this month. The gun from MGO will be held for the 2019 Gun Show as it was not given out this year.

Archery Club / Youth Center NR

Gordon Leslie ProjectGarry C. updated. Signs regarding foot access only need to be installed.

Banquet Sponsorship was done well by Earl K. Dwayne D suggested giving notice for donations sooner so that the bigger donations can be advertised. Dwayne D. thanked the Friday night preparation crew which was made up of 18 volunteers and also the volunteers who helped make jerky, everything went really well. Overall the banquet was a success and well done to everyone involved. Dwayne D. discussed the issue of the meat being overcooked. Garry C. gave a preliminary financial report on the banquet revenue and expenses.

Fish Fry – John P. to get posters up and tickets out to the gun shops for sale. Fish has been ordered.

Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Garry C. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Gerry R., carried.

Old Business:

  1. Need to install panic doors at Indoor Range. Gary B. and Dwayne D. will get this done.
  2. Dwayne D. sent a letter to AFGA Zone 5 to apply for financial assistance on 50% of the Youth Centre roof repair costs.
  3. Motions from AGM to be voted on when there are 20 members present at a meeting.

New Business:

  1. Dwayne D. and Garry C. discussed the reports from the SWF Convention held in Prince Albert on February 8-10, 2018.
  2. Ab E. and Gerry R. discussed the AFGA Convention held in Edmonton on February 22-24, 2018.
  3. The LDFGA will be hosting the spring Region 2 meeting on April 28, 2018. Dwayne D. will look into a location for the meeting. Dwayne D. would like to have as many LDFGA members as possible attend this meeting.

MOTION for adjournment by Jeff F.

Members present at meeting: Dwayne D., Joanna K., Garry C., Ab E., Brian H., Curtis P., Ian P., Daryl L., Trevor D., Wayne B., Gerry R., Jeff F., Carlo M. and Terence H.


NEXT MEETING                               March 27, 2018                              7:30 PM               GRACE UNITED CHURCH