President Dwayne D. called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm at the Grace United Church.


Minutes: Presented minutes from March 28, 2017 meeting.

MOTION by Garry C., seconded Brian S., to adopt minutes from March 28 meeting, carried.


Financial Report:

MOTION by Larry C. to adopt financial report, seconded by Jeff F., carried.



  1. SWF meeting will be on May 6 in Medstead. Interested attendees: Dwayne D. and Larry C.
  2. Sterling Sales Ammo supplier brochure with bulk pricing.
  3. SWF Golf Tournament is on June 20 2017. It is $90/person, prizes and supper are included. Bill A., Dwayne D.,

Brian H., Garry C. are interested in attending.

MOTION by Jeff F. to donate $500 to SWF Golf Tournament, seconded by Curtis P., carried.


Committee Reports:

Memberships Garry C. – 1273 LDFGA, 226 Indoor Range, 556 Outdoor Range.


Youth Outdoor Activity DayJune 24, 2017. Bussing needs to be confirmed. Shep’s is coordinating. The archery and safe handling as well as pellet gun activities still require a coordinator. Same schedule as last year.

Indoor Range We need to get a few more minor things done before our Grand Re-Opening which is set for Sunday, May 7, at 1pm. BBQ lunch and acknowledgments to follow. There will be some shooting demonstrations afterwards.  We are insured as an event. Warren S. will organize ammunition for use at the event. Poster to be sent out to members.

Discussion on range use. We are required to keep a record of any members’ RPAL numbers who are using restricted guns. Gun shops and ranges to collect numbers. RPALS can also be emailed to

Outdoor RangeSpring cleanup is set for May 6 and 7. Come out and do your part. Lunch will be provided. Discussed what needs to be done during cleanup: trenching, build work bench, install gutters and general clean up.

MOTION by Reid B. to spend $1400 on cleanup, seconded by Darwin G., carried.

Signs will be done by end of month.

Discussed cost for message board.

Mifi is set up at the youth center, we are renting for one month.

Conservation Camp 4 applicants for AB and 4 applicants for SK



Habitat Dwayne D. and Garry C. still need to head out to the new land.

Hide Program Boxes will be collected when a bit dryer.

Trout PondsParking lot needs to be graveled.

TrophiesAb E. is setting up a measuring course in Leduc for July 30Aug 3rd 2017.

Gun and Outdoor Sportsman Show   Servus Center to hold the show for the next 3 years.

Archery Club / Youth Center Archery programs are done. Range is closed June 15th through to August 15th.

Gordon Leslie ProjectNR


Fish Fry – Next year’s Fish Fry is set for April 19th 2018.

MOTION by Garry C. to raise prices to $20/ticket for 2018, seconded by Warren S., carried.


Bills to be Paid:

MOTION by Brian S. to pay outstanding bills, seconded by Curtis F., carried.


Old Business:

  1. Need to install panic doors in Indoor range. Need to follow up on non-conformance items. Archery Club will look after Youth center building checks and documentation. Front entrance is a little tough to open for some kids.
  2. Dwayne D. will resend draft letter to the range committee for more feedback.
  3. Dwayne D. will book appointment to talk to SK MLA, Colleen Young.
  4. John Pickford is the winner of the Camo Recliner Chair Raffle. He was in attendance at the Fish Fry where the draw was made. Ticket sales were $2575.00. Thanks again to Midwest Furniture & Appliances for donating the chair.


New Business:

  1. Reviewed AFGA spring meeting. See attachment. Fall meeting is set for Oct. 21st 2017 in Willingdon.
  2. Work parties at Narrow Lake set for June 3-4 and June 10-11.
  3. Discussed hosting AFGA spring meeting in 2018. Dwayne D. will look into locations.



MOTION for adjournment by Jeff. F.


Present at Meeting: Dwayne D., Gwen B., Reid B., Garry C., Joanna K., Jeff F., Warren S., Ab E., Darwin G., Brian S., Larry C., Gerald J. and Curtis P.




Next Meeting                                   May 30, 2017                    7:30 PM               LDFGA Youth Center




North eastern Alberta Fish and Game

Spring meeting Vegreville

April 8, 2017


Club Reports showed most Clubs very active most of them do not have many

Members. Some of the activities are: Archery, Ice fishing day, Trade fairs, Skeet & Trap

Shooting, Xmas social, Blue bird houses. The small towns family banquets are very good fund

Raisers due to the fact that all the food is donated and prepared by the members.


AFGA are still looking for a new office space. They have sold their present office property

and have a two-year lease on it. They are looking towards the Clubs for $500,000 financial help.

Environment Any Boyd reported on 9 different Committees: North SK Regional Plan, Lower Athabasca Regional Plan, Northern Gateway Pipeline, Joint Oil Sands Monitoring, AIPac, Spencer Lake Access, Elk Island Park Surplus Animal Management, Castle Park Hunting/OHV, Cema

Zone 5 Fishing chair- Ray Makowecki reported that the Govt has increased the number of lakes for walleye fishing from 13 lakes to 18 lakes this year. Each year the number of applicants Are increasing 2014 -10600 applicants, 2015-18300, 2016-20385. In 2017 there will be 16500 tags given out.

There are a few lakes Alberta that size limits have changed and the number of keepers.

Narrow Lake Each Club can send 2 kids to camp until April 30/17, and after that if the camp is not full then they will fill the empty spots. There were two kids applying for sponsorship and was approved, but will have to wait until April 30th.

Casino Money can be use to help Clubs with projects in zone 5 if they apply for it. There is some $7700 in the Casino acct.

Our Club should offer to host next spring meeting, – Vote


End of report

Garry Cunningham