The LDFGA Outdoor Range will be closed on July 23 and part or all of July 24th  2018, to survey the area for preparation of the construction project that will enhance our range. The range will be open for use on July 24th & 25th and then be closed for the construction period starting on Friday July 27th. The range will then be closed for 7 to 10 days, depending on the weather and how the construction proceeds.


Note that the time Schedule can change at any time. Due to the various circumstances, so please check the LDFGA website for official opening and closures of the Outdoor range during this period.


During the period between the time of the surveying and the start of the construction, please do not touch any of survey stakes that are in place, as the cost of this project is high enough without having to pay to put these stakes back in the ground.


Thank you in advance

LDFGA Executive