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Trophy Winners 2018

Big game, fish, bird and photography trophy winners.

  • 2017 Trophy Winners
  • Tobi Topp & Greg Topp- Trophy Winners
  • Ronda Davison accepting 1st Place for Wildlife Photography
  • LAA Brett Bodnarchuk Bow Hunter of the Year
  • Kage Miazga Lorne Topley Memorial Trophy
  • Jordan Eldridge 2nd Place Typical Mule Deer
  • Jeana Eldridge 2nd Place Non Typical Mule Deer
  • Jaman Stockman 1st Place Junior Black Bear
  • Dave Mackenzie Trophy Winner

Place Species Score Name
Big Game Winners
1st Typical Whitetail Deer 168 2/8 Kurt Schreiner
2nd Typical Whitetail Deer 147 3/8 Chad Gessner
1st Non-typical Whitetail Deer 154 5/8 Ken Currie
2nd Non-typical Whitetail Deer 152 5/8 Vernon Lowrie
1st Typical Mule Deer 179 Kerwin Laumbach
2nd Typical Mule Deer 172 7/8 Owen Peters
1st Non-typical Mule Deer 189 7/8 Mark Schlosser
2nd Non-typical Mule Deer 187 3/8 Matthew Wakelin
1st Typical Elk 314 2/8 Craig Hewko
2nd Typical Elk No Entry
1st Moose 147 5/8 Josh Corpe
2nd Moose No Entry
1st Antelope  81 2/8 Jayden Scholsser
2nd Antelope  74 4/8 Dave Mackenzie
1st Black Bear 21 8/16 Kerwin Laumbach
2nd Black Bear 19 4/16 Josh Corpe
1st Largest Big Game with Primitive Weapon –
Typical Whitetail 129.4%
168 4/16 Kurt Schreiner
1st Largest Whitetail with Bow & Arrow 147 3/8 Chad Gessner
1st Largest Bear with Bow & Arrow 21 8/16 Kerwin Laumbach
1st Ladies Largest Big Game – Black Bear 88.80% 17 12/16 Crystal Redpath
1st Junior Big Game – Antelope 101.5% 81 4/16 Jayden Schlosser
2nd Junior Big Game – Typical Mule 96% 172 7/8 Owen Peters
1st Cel Stang Memorial- Typical Whitetail 170+ No Entry
1st Walleye  7lbs 2.3oz Jordan Eldridge
2nd Walleye No Entry
1st Northern Pike No Entry
2nd Northern Pike No Entry
1st Perch 2 lbs 3 oz Doug Kozma
2nd Perch No Entry
1st Whitefish 5 lbs 7.7oz Doug Lowrie
2nd Whitefish No Entry
1st Lake Trout 23 lbs 2 oz Jordan Laidler
2nd Lake Trout 18 lbs 6.1 oz Tyson Lowrie
1st Brook Trout No Entry
2nd Brook Trout No Entry
1st Rainbow Trout 2 lbs 2.6 oz Stan Benson
2nd Rainbow Trout No Entry
1st Splake 3 lbs 15.3 oz Dave MacKenzie
2nd Splake No Entry
1st Lorne Topley Memorial- Junior Fish 22 inches Zoe Henderson
1st Canada Goose 14 lbs 5.8 oz Dave Mackenzie
2nd Canada Goose 13 lbs 8.6 oz Jim Henderson
1st Mallard Duck 3 lbs 14.1 oz Kevin Kromrey
2nd Mallard Duck No Entry
1st Pheasant 36 1/8 inches Dave MacKenzie
2nd Pheasant 35 1/2 Jim Henderson
1st Wildlife Photography Melissa Poirier
1st Pat England Memorial – Scenery Photography Melissa Poirier