As an outdoor enthusiast, you are aware of Saskatchewan’s abundance and variety of wildlife. But since settlement began, we’ve lost more than 75% of our natural landscape to urban and agricultural development. Habitat loss is a serious problem.


Sloughs, potholes, and other wetlands, are vital habitat for wildlife. Wetlands also help ensure our health and safety as they filter air and water; reduce the impact of droughts and floods, and store vast amounts of greenhouse gases. Despite this, Saskatchewan loses 28 acres of wetlands a day, the equivalent of 14 football fields. That adds up to 40,000 acres of wetland habitat – an area larger than the city of Regina – that we have lost since the last provincial election.


To raise awareness Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has launched a campaign called Vote for Wetlands. DUC is asking that you help protect wildlife habitats and the water we rely on for fishing and other recreational activities.


By simply going to, and entering your postal code, you can send an email to your riding candidates, and the provincial party leaders, asking them what they will do to protect Saskatchewan’s remaining wetlands. The email can also be edited if you’d like to personalize it. This will only take a little of your time but it can have big results.  The more voices stating the issues the more chance that our government is informed, and that the next elected government will develop meaningful habitat protection policies.


Please visit www.voteforwetlands.catoday and Make Your Voice Heard.


A few minutes of your time could make a world of difference.


On behalf of DUC, a trusted partner in conservation, thank you!


Michael Champion

Head of Industry and Government Relations, Saskatchewan

Ducks Unlimited Canada