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Hide Program


We have been informed that there is no market for hides for the 2018 hunting season and foreseeable future.
Therefore, the SWF Habitat Trust Hide Collection Program is cancelled for the 2018 hunting season.
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment advises that hides and all carcass waste be double bagged and deposited at a permitted landfill.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT LARRY 780-875-3655  or  Garry  780-875-0578.


Each year, our club collects deer, moose, elk, buffalo and cow hides. These are sold with the money going to habitat for wildlife programs. Each fall hide boxes are put out on main street south of Credit Union in Lashburn, Lloydminster Landfill and Alberta Fish and Wildlife Compound (behind the Animal Hospital Highway #17N) in Lloydminster.

For more information call Larry at 780-875-3655 or Garry at 780-875-0578.