Rock picking for Thursday August 2nd will be postponed until next week. Please check back for updates.

 All LDFGA Members,


I have been working on the Outdoor Range remodeling since last Friday and we will require a large group of LDFGA members to pick rocks out of the face of the new backstop berms. This is a huge job and we need at least 30 people for Weds evening and possibly on Thursday evening also. We will be starting at 6:30 pm. If you are a member that uses the Outdoor Range, please step up and help out with this, as we cannot afford to have this done by a trac hoe as there are a lot of rocks that require hand picking from these new berms. We do not have all the members emails, so call your buddy that uses the range and bring them out. Weather conditions could play a part in not allowing us to do this, so please check the LDFGA website prior to going out there, as we will have updates and instructions on there. Please bring a shovel or a rake or a hoe, so as you can reach up as far as you can on any of the berm faces. Then you simply have to roll the rock down to the bottom of the berm and leave it there. We will use the Bobcat, that Darwin G. has donated for us to use, to haul it away from the berm. Do not climb up any steep berms and risk falling down them. Only go as high as you can reach with the above tools I have mentioned. If you are rolling them down from ther top of the berms, make sure that there is nobody in the path of that rock. Just leave the rocks at the base of the berm and we will pick them up with the trac hoe or Bobcat in the am, if there is nobody to run the Bobcat.

The berms that require rock picking will be the new 20 yd, the new secondary 100 yd berm, that is located at the 225 meter mark, located directly behind the 100 yd target. There are a lot of rocks at this new berm. And the 200/300 yd berm at the end of the new excavation.

Please do not put yourself at risk, by climbing on the steep slopes of the berms. We want you to have a safe range both during the construction and after once we resume operation of the range.

We hope to have the dirtwork done by Friday and then shut down for the Long Weekend. The targets will be put up the week after the Long Weekend, providing there is enough volunteers to get that done also.

Thank you in advance, for your participation in helping to improve your range.

Dwayne Davison